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City of Portland



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Pending City Code Changes

The online version of the City Code is updated monthly. The following ordinances are not yet reflected in the online City Code. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact the City Auditor's Office Code Editor . 

Note:  This list does not include amendments to Title 33 Planning and Zoning which is maintained by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

Pending Online City Code Changes

Authorizing Ordinance # Ordinance Title Passed by Council Effective Date
187150 Accept Park System Development Charge Methodology Update Report for implementation and amend the applicable sections of City Code (Amend Code Chapter 17.13) 5/27/2015 7/1/2016
 187771 Revise solid waste and recycling rates and fees for franchised residential collection and commercial permit tonnage fees, effective July 1, 2016 (Replace Code Chapter 17.102 Figure 6) 6/1/2016 7/1/2016
187805 Establish a New Portlanders Policy Commission (Add Code Chapter 3.131) 6/8/2016 7/8/2016
187821 Implement the temporary suspension of system development charges for the construction or conversion of structures to accessory dwelling units (Amend Code Section 17.15.050 6/15/2016 7/15/2016
187828 Amend Portland Tourism Improvement District code to revise the periodic sunset review and administrative cost provisions, provide a new definition, add appeal procedures, and correct references (Amend Code Chapter 6.05) 6/15/2016 7/15/2016
187854 Amend Regulations of Lobbying Entities and City Officials to improve administration, clarify requirements and Auditor duties (Amend Code Chapter 2.12) 6/29/2016 9/1/2016
187855 Establish a Construction Excise Tax to fund affordable housing initiatives from an Inclusionary Housing Fund (Add Code Chapter 6.08 and Section 5.04.530) 6/29/2016 8/1/2016
187876 Adopt requirements for deconstruction of the city's oldest and most historic houses and duplexes (Add Code Chapter 17.106) 7/6/2016 10/31/2016
187904 Facilitate implementation of the City Stormwater Management Manual and Source Control Manual (Amend Code Chapter 17.38) 7/20/2016 8/19/2016

Resolution 37217 to Refer a measure to City voters for the November 8, 2016 election establishing a three percent tax on recreational marijuana sales in the City of Portland with revenues allocated to drug and alcohol treatment, public safety investments, and support for neighborhood small businesses by amending City Code Chapters 6.07 and 5.04 was adopted by City Council on June 22, 2016.  Check with the City Elections Office for status updates on this item.

Questions about the Charter and City Code may be sent to Auditor's Code Editor

Questions about the Portland Policy Documents (PPD) may be directed to the Auditor's Policy Editor.