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5.34.010 Definitions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 185898 and 187373, effective October 14, 2015.)

A.  The definitions contained in Sections 5.33.010 and 5.33.140 are applicable to Chapter 5.34.

1.  “Change Order” means a written agreement between the City and Contractor that alters the specifications of the Contract.

2.  “Conduct Disqualification” means a Disqualification pursuant to ORS 279C.440.

3.  “Disqualification” means the preclusion of a Person from contracting with the City for a period of time in accordance with Section 5.34.530.   Disqualification may be a Conduct Disqualification or DBE Disqualification.

4.  “Foreign Contractor” means a Contractor that is not domiciled in or registered to do business in the State of Oregon.

5.  “Notice” means any of the alternative forms of public announcement of Procurements, as described in Section 5.34.310.

6.  “Work” means all services, material, labor, tools, equipment, and all appliances, machinery, systems, transportation, and appurtenances necessary to perform and complete the Contract, and such additional items not specifically indicated or described which can be reasonably inferred as belonging to the item described or indicated and as required by good practice to provide a complete, functioning, and satisfactory system or structure.