Portland Fire & Rescue Introduces Zeus, our New Top Dog (Photo)

February 02, 2016 11:35


Today PF&R welcomed a new member to its ranks, Zeus the Arson Dog. Arson dogs are conditioned to detect and alert hydrocarbons found in petroleum-based fuel in exchange for a reward in food. After his training was complete, Zeus was certified by a chemist as being able to tell the difference between varieties of hydrocarbon scents in small quantities necessary to start a fire. This certification is crucial when evidence is uncovered by canines and their handlers, as they become a key point in criminal and civil trials.

Zeus was assigned to Lt. Jackson, who also functions as an ATF Taskforce Agent, in November 2015 and brought back to PF&R in December. Zeus will assist Lt. Jackson with fire scene investigations, especially in determining the origin and cause of a fire. All alerts by

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