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Mayor Charlie Hales

City of Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Phone: 503-823-4120

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340, Portland, OR 97204

Priorities & Accomplishments

My goal as mayor is to make sure everyone has access to everything we love about Portland; to make sure we are a city of opportunity.

Safe community; economic opportunity; great neighborhoods: My goal is to have these true across the city.

In Portland, we have a lot of plans. Government's job — my job — is to make words on a page real. 

— Mayor Charlie Hales

Priorities: Economic Opportunity, Opening Doors for All Portlanders

Mayor Hales is working to defy the conventional wisdom that says the dream of advancement, the American Dream, is becoming a fantasy. He has supported internships for youths, assistance for people returning to society from prison, incentives for B Corps — companies operating by Portland values.

Priorities: Being and Feeling Safe in Every Neighborhood

Mayor Hales’ policies are driven by a goal to make everything we love about Portland accessible to all Portlanders, and that means citizens being safe in all areas of the city, as well as feeling safe through public trust in first responders.

Priorities: Livable Neighborhoods, Everywhere and for All Portlanders

Mayor Hales is working to create broader access to amenities by investing in the ingredients of complete neighborhoods — parks, sidewalks, businesses, schools, safety, and more.

Mayor Hales’ 2014 Accomplishments, By The Numbers

In his second year as mayor, Charlie Hales has worked to fulfill his “back to basics” promise — taking care of basic infrastructure and achieving financial stability — while also refocusing the Police Bureau on community policing and ensuring opportunity for all Portlanders. Here's an overview of Mayor Hales’ progress, by the numbers.

Priorities: Fundamentally Supporting Fairness and Opportunity

When Mayor Hales issued guidance for the 2015-16 budget, he instructed city bureau directors and budget managers to write stabilization budgets that focus resource requests on equity and opportunity, complete neighborhoods, and emergency preparedness.

Accomplishments: Building Community Trust in the Police Bureau

Since Mayor Hales took office in January 2013 he has worked with Portland Police to build community trust in the bureau, to improve officer job satisfaction, and to make Portland a safer city. In the past year, the bureau has made outstanding progress in developing that dynamic.

Accomplishments: Implementing U.S. Department of Justice Settlement

Under Mayor Hales’ leadership the Police Bureau started implementing aspects of the U.S. Department of Justice police reform agreement long before Federal Judge Michael Simon approved it on Aug. 29, 2014. The settlement stems from a 2011 federal investigation. Mayor Hales has been working with the bureau to improve relations with the community.

Accomplishments: Stabilizing the Budget to Fund Priorities

Mayor Hales entered office as the city faced a massive budget shortfall—more than $21 million. After he stabilized the budget, the city entered this year with discretionary funds available to address pressing issues, such as homelessness and emergency preparedness.

Accomplishments: Taking Care of our Largest Asset

When Mayor Hales entered office January 2013, he had a punch-list of basics that needed to be fixed. A major item: streets. Portland owns 5,000 lane miles, and they had been neglected. Over the past year Mayor Hales addressed pressing infrastructure needs, and now is looking toward future stability.

First Six Months; What's Next?

Mayor Hales came into the city, went back to basics and addressed fundamental needs. Now he's moving forward with an agenda to ensure Portland is a city of opportunity.