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Mayor Charlie Hales

City of Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Phone: 503-823-4120

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340, Portland, OR 97204

Summer's Here - Ain't It Cool?

JULY 2, 2013 – Summer is here, and with it comes hot weather.

Portland Parks & Recreation reminds everyone that it’s possible to have fun and stay safe.

“Summer is a wonderful time to experience what Portland Parks & Recreation has to offer,” Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz said. “From our community centers, camps, classes and the Summer Free for All series of movies and concerts in our parks, there is plenty to choose from.”

Fritz encouraged all park-goers to follow the Parks & Recreation guidelines for staying healthy and having fun:

• Stay hydrated: Water works best, and you should drink at least 8 glasses per day (8 oz. each, drink more if you are working, playing or exercising.)

• Sleep well: Rest is important to the daily recovery of muscles and your body and brain function.

• Choose food wisely: A sugar rush is usually followed by sugar burnout, about 30 minutes later. Instead, choose whole food proteins, healthy fats and natural sources of carbohydrates. If it wasn’t around a thousand years ago or is made by man (and not nature), chances are you don’t need it.

For more smart food choices, please see

• Don’t burn: Remember to pack and use sunscreen.

• Cooling centers: People in need of heat relief are encouraged to visit or to call 211 for the locations of cooling centers in your area. Other places to get out of the heat include Portland Parks & Recreation Communty Centers, libraries, shopping malls, and nonprofit organizations.


City’s Water


Our H20 is NOT too low: The Portland Water Bureau assures us that Portland’s current water use is normal for this time of year.

The Bull Run reservoirs have plenty of water to meet the higher summer demand that comes with hot weather.

Anyone with questions can call the Portland Water Bureau Customer Service Center at (503) 823-7770.


Keep Cool In a PP&R Pool


Portland Parks & Rec pools offer open play swims, water exercise classes, junior lifeguard training, junior swim training, summer swim teams, and special events.

For more information on how to register for swimming lessons or participate in other summer activities, contact the pool in your area or the Aquatic Administration Office at (503) 823-5130.

Outdoor Pools:

Creston Pool

(503) 823-3672

4454 SE Powell

Grant Pool

(503) 823-3674

2300 NE 33rd

Montavilla Pool

(503) 823-3675

8219NE Glisan

Peninsula Pool

(503) 823-3677

700 NPortland

Pier Pool

(503) 823-3678

9341N. St. Johns

Sellwood Pool

(503) 823-3679

7951 SE 7th

Wilson Pool

(503) 823-3680

1151SW Vermont

Indoor Pools:

Buckman Pool


320 SE 16th



(503) 823-3669

7701 N   Chautauqua Blvd

Dishman Pool

(503) 823-3673

77 NE Knott

East PortlandPool

(503) 823-3450

740 SE 106th

Mount Scott Pool

(503) 823-3183

5530 SE 72nd

Southwest Pool

(503) 823-2840

6820 SW 45th


Splash Pads are Open


Portland Parks & Recreation’s splash pads around the city are open to help you stay cool. Through the end of September, hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Splash pads at the following parks are open:

Columbia Park - North Lombard & Woolsey
Essex Park - SE 79th & Center
Earl Boyles Park - SE 112th & Boise
Elizabeth Caruthers Park - 3508 SW Moody
Farragut Park - North Kerby & Farragut
Grant Park - NE 33rd & US Grant Place
Kenton Park - 8417 North Brandon
McCoy Park- North Trenton & Newman
Northgate Park - North Geneva & Fessenden
Peninsula Park - 700 North Rosa Parks Way
Pier Park - North Lombard & Bruce
Raymond Park- SE 188th & Raymond
Stark Street Island - SE 106th & Stark
Woodlawn Park - NE 13th & Dekum


For more information, call (503) 823-5300 or visit