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Lisa Simpson Bridge? D'Oh!

November 7, 2013 | Portland Tribune-- Here’s the problem with TriMet’s decision to hold a contest to name the city’s new bridge across the Willamette River: Officials in Slovakia recently held a similar contest and the overwhelming winner was Chuck Norris. Nearly three out of four Slovaks who voted online chose Norris Bridge, or Chuck Bridge.

A distant second place, by the way, was Maria Theresa Bridge, after an Austro-Hungarian empress, and third place was Devinska, the name of a village near the Morava River site that will soon have a new crossing. Norris, a television action star, has a loyal cult following with entire sites dedicated to his fictional prowess.

At least the good people of Slovakia aren’t choosing to name their bridge after a cartoon character. City Commissioner Steve Novick says the new bridge name has been a source of considerable discussion in his office and private life. His chief of staff, Chris Warner, wants to name the bridge after actress Sally Struthers. His fiancee, Rachel Philofsky, would like to walk across the Beverly Cleary Bridge.

But Novick is voting for the Lisa Simpson Bridge.

“She’s sort of the conscience of the show,” Novick says of Fox TV’s longrunning animated series “The Simpsons.”

So maybe a daily ride over the Lisa Simpson Bridge would keep us all mindful of being good citizens?

Novick has another reason. “She’s an environmental activist in a big way,” he says. And that, according to Novick, would make Lisa Simpson extra appropriate as the name for a bridge that encourages mass transit and bike riding and doesn’t allow cars.

It also puts Novick at odds with fellow City Commissioner Amanda Fritz. When asked what name she’d choose for the new bridge, Fritz at first READ FULL ARTICLE