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Commissioner Steve Novick

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A Message to Oregonian Reporters

As Richard Nixon used to say, let me make one thing perfectly clear: My previous post is not about you. The Oregonian continues to put out a lot of quality journalism. I still enjoy working with Oregonian reporters. I do think that since the Anderson era began, anti-government stories have become much more likely to appear on the front page, but that isn’t an indictment of reporters; it’s a matter of emphasis, which I assume comes from the top. And I do think that four day a week delivery is a crying shame, but that obviously is a decision by an entire conglomerate, not reporters!

It was the editorial board that has engaged in these over-the-top attacks on the City Council, and I think the guy at the very top can be held responsible for that. And (when I’m not playing the role of Richard Sherman) I don’t even think the editorial board is all bad; I’ve had interesting conversations with Erik Lukens over the years. In fact, I think the editorial board treats me personally better than it treats most of my colleagues.

But someone had to respond to the over-the-top attacks of the last two weeks. And to put them in context by pointing out that this is NOT your father’s Oregonian; this is a paper under (relatively) new right-wing management. I suspect a lot of Portlanders still aren’t aware of that; they assume it’s the same old paper.

And yes, I guess I could have caveated my post with the same things I’m saying here… but that wouldn’t have made it a very good trash-talk.

Commissioner Steve Novick

City of Portland, Oregon