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Black History Month quote of the day: Ronald Dellums

I'm off to a late start but I thought it would be a fitting tribute to Black History Month this February to share a quote of the day from an African American leader or thinker. Today's quote is from my former Congressman, Ron Dellums, and is taken from Bartlett's Familiar Black Quotations. This is a fantastic book of quotes and includes an illuminating forward from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. This tome of a book will be my source of inspiration for this month's series of quotes. 

"Everything we have struggled for remains under attack-- and in some measure it always will. Some will always reject equality as a first principal and will do no more than pay lip service to the ideal that the common good means including everybody. They will persist in the belief that individualism is a paramount virtue, and that government should not seek to level the playing field or break down the walls against opportunity. Some will always believe that war is the inevitable solution to international affairs, and will refuse to commit to strategies to avoid militarism and conflict as early or first options. Some will always seek to consume rather than preserve the environment, indifferent to our responsibility to be careful stewards of the planet for subsequent generations. And so it will go."      Lying Down with the Lions [2000]