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Commissioner Steve Novick

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1221 SW 4th Ave. Suite 210, Portland, OR 97204

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View More Steve Novick Scraps with Portland Business Alliance Over Who Pays for Downtown Tourism Ads

February 4, 2014 | A representative of the Portland Business Alliance has refused to sign off on City Commissioner Steve Novick's proposed budget for the Portland Bureau of Transportation—usually a formality in the city budget process.

What's the hangup? Novick wants to end a deal where PBOT pays for downtown marketing campaigns in exchange for higher rates on downtown parking meters.

Bernie Bottomly, the PBA's representative to the PBOT budget advisory committee, has joined with Corky Collier of the Columbia Corridor Association to issue their own splinter budget suggestion to City Council.

Their proposal would restore the "good faith" agreement for PBOT to give tourism group Travel Portland more than $800,000 for advertising the virtues of visiting downtown Portland. (Under Novick's plan, Travel Portland would have to compete for highly-sought general-fund dollars.)

It's another case of a city official winding up at loggerheads with neighborhood leaders over parking—a political third rail that Novick began touching during his 2012 campaign.

In his budget letter, Novick says PBOT has already more than paid its debt to downtown by READ FULL ARTICLE