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Better Naito Brings Safety to Portland's Waterfront

The Better Naito pilot project creates a safe space for the hundreds of thousands of people attending Portland’s events in Waterfront Park this summer. Safety is always the Bureau of Transportation’s highest priority, which is why we worked with festival organizers and Better Block PDX to transform almost a mile of Naito Parkway for the people walking and biking to waterfront events.

Eight months out of the year, there are bike lanes on Naito and pedestrians travel freely through Waterfront Park. During the summer months festival organizers transform the park, putting significant pressure on the current bike lane. In years past, it would be a normal sight to see thousands of pedestrians in the bike lanes, pushing bikes into the auto lanes and making an unsafe space for all road users. Rather than allowing a dangerous situation to continue, Better Naito anticipates this annual disruption, and gives all road users a dedicated travel lane.

This improvement in safety comes at almost no cost to the City. The permits for the lane closure have been paid for by the various organizers of events taking place throughout the summer; the traffic cones and street design elements were brought in by Better Block PDX who fundraised for the improvements on the corridor; and students from Portland State University developed the traffic control plan as part of their graduate level capstone project.

Portland has long been a leader in transportation innovation, from the streetcar to one of the most robust bike networks in the country. Better Naito builds on this history of innovation by experimenting with alternative street designs in a way that improves safety, fosters public feedback and collects data for future improvements. We will be able to propose and garner support for these kinds of improvements in the future because of this public process and collection of data. This sort of “living laboratory of innovation” is essential to Portland’s DNA and has allowed us to become a world leader in tackling local transportation challenges.

Thanks to the help of Better Block PDX, Better Naito will be the largest temporary street project in the nation. The project includes traffic cones, signal timing adjustments and speed limit changes to improve safety for all road users. Another key element of this project is data gathering, from Bluetooth sensors to pneumatic tubes to manual counts of people biking and walking. Based on last year’s data, we learned that travel times were not significantly affected by the single lane reconfiguration and that most auto users chose not to divert to other streets.

The City of Portland is proud to welcome you to our front lawn, Waterfront Park, with a safe and comfortable route regardless of how you choose to travel.

Thank you to all of the community partners who invested time, talent and resources to make this project possible. It is organizations like yours that enrich the fabric of our community. 

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