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September 2012

Citywide Equity Committee

General Meeting – Thursday September 6, 2012   9-11am

Location: Office of Equity and Human Rights – Steel Conference Room


Attendees –   Jennie Alexander, Stacy Dunn, Debbie Caselton, Lynne Casey, Danielle Brooks, Snow Buchanan, Diane Avery, Angie Harris, Emily Rice, Denise Kleim, Desiree Williams-Rajee, Jenny Martinez, Abby Coppock, Kyle Diesner, Deanna Wesson-Mitchell, Darla Collar, Susan Bailey, Dora Perry, Stephen Bouffard, Kate Allen, Carolyn Quan Lee, Tanya Stephens, Muna Idow, and Dante J. James


Meeting Notes

Dante let the group know that Muna will now staff the CEC meetings.  He also mentioned Tonya as the new Executive Assistant for OEHR.

The resolution renaming the Citywide Diversity Committee (CDC) to the Citywide Equity Committee (CEC) as well as moving it from the purview of Bureau of Human Resources to OEHR will go to council  on consent agenda September 12th

Dante attended the monthly Bureau Directors’ meeting to discuss equity work and the ten hour commitment from members.  He stated that Managers will sign off on this.  Dante will draft an email to remind folks of the 10 hour commitment.

Debbie Caselton discussed the Culture Celebrations.   She stated that this information will be included on DEEP and OEHR’s websites, so that City employees and the community take part and more people get involved.  She is doing outreach so different bureaus get involved in organizing events.  She’d like everyone to work together.  DEEP is volunteer run and so it needs to be done during lunch time.  Debbie will let different groups know if someone would like to join and help out with a particular months celebration.  There will be a speaker in October to discuss disability awareness.  Gary Karp will speak on October 3rd from 12 – 1pm and 2 – 3pm.     

Muna discussed the selection process criteria for the Citywide Equity Committee for individuals serving on the committee.  They will decide how the application process will be.  1) Application itself  2)Composition (How many members)  3) Process   4) Timeline and  5) Decision Making

The application will consist of 3 -5 short essay questions. 

Composition – One Primary member and one Alternate member from each bureau.  1) Best fit for committee  2) Recommendations  3) Questionnaire  and/or Letter of support

By December 6th a full CEC is expected to be formed.  January 3rd will be the next timeline if the December timeline isn’t met. 

Some questions asked were 1) What are people’s thoughts on the CEC selection process?  2) How many will be disappointed?   3) Will folks already engaged be able to stay engaged?  4) What if only one unqualified person applied from their bureau? 5) What if you’re interested and apply but don’t have the support from your bureau? 6) Need clear expectations of what the committee is expected to do. 

There was also a comment that we need to have more men on the committee.           

What accountability mechanism will be in place for the 10 hours?  It was suggested that those that attend monthly meeting take back information to the Bureau Director so that others see product.

It was suggested that we advertise more so that more people know about this committee.

It was asked if the Selection Committee will meet core competencies as well.  Is there a filtering process?

Training for EEO Reps was discussed.  Dante mentioned that he is having continued talks with BHR.

Dante will relay message to Directors about employees concerns.  They need to understand that they are not doing enough. 

Two work groups will take on the CEC application and strategic plan. 

Dante mentioned that the CEC needs to be on the new Mayor’s agenda.  It was suggested that we invite him and new city Council members and maybe even Bureau Directors once the CEC is fully formed.  CEC visibility is key.


Meeting Notes provided by Tonya Stephens.