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October 2012

Citywide Equity Committee Meeting Notes

General Meeting – Thursday October 4, 2012   9-11am

Location: Office of Equity and Human Rights – Steel Conference Room


Attendees –   Angie Harris, Jenny Martinez, Kathy Kakesako, Jennie Alexander, Susan Bailey, Stephen Bouffard, Abra McNair, Kyle Diesner, Danielle Brooks, Desiree Williams-Rajee, Kate Allen, Theresa Green, Afifa Ahmed-Shafi, Delphine Kennedy-Walker, Emily Rice, Tonya Stephens, Muna Idow, and Dante James.


Welcoming and Introductions

Dante gave a brief update on what the Office of Equity and Human Rights has been doing.  OEHR has been doing as much training on equity as possible.  The equity training is one hour of the HR Cultural Competency component scheduled for the October 10th.  Gale Baird would like to have the Equity training as a standalone component.  BHR Director, Anna Kanwit, would like to have the Equity training for the Human Resources senior staff.

Dante mentioned to the group that the training with Police went very well.  The chief is supportive of trying to make change. 
Dante stated that topics that would be covered in the training are the terminology of what equity is and how to do better outreach.



Dante would like to get the application sent out Citywide next week.  The turnaround time to receive completed applications would be two weeks.  It was suggested that the applications be forwarded by the Bureau Directors so the supervisors know how important this committee is.  The applications would then require the supervisor or bureau director’s sign off.  This will verify that they agree to the 10 hour commitment.  Dante will let the Bureau Director’s know the plans for the application process at the Bureau Director’s retreat.  

Selection Process

Dante suggested having small interview panels based on the number of applications we receive, so that we are not just selecting candidates based only on the application.  The application would state that interviews may be required.  Ideally more than two applicants from each bureau will apply.  There was a concern about the applicants that don’t speak up in a group setting.  It was suggested that questions be sent out ahead of time. 

There was also a concern of the Selection Committee’s qualifications.  Are they required to meet the core competencies?  

Dante let the CEC know that he could ask some Human Rights Commission members on the committee. 

Dante stated that DEEP deserves a seat at this table as an entity.  Many participants stated that they are also DEEP members and do not feel the need to have a DEEP seat.  It was agreed that the priority should be for the CEC to maintain ties with DEEP and move equity on both fronts.  Dante supported this.

It was recommended that CEC membership terms be revised to 2 – 3 years instead of 1 to 2.  This would create more stability in CEC membership and allow time for members to go back and effect change within the bureaus. 


Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan Workgroup reported to the larger CEC that they were working on having a 3-4 hour strategic planning session to develop draft bylaws and values.  This group is also working on the goals and priorities for the first year, so the CEC has something to start and work with.  The framework can be changed, but it needs to be voted on and adopted.  This group will meet in the next week or so.  The CEC will receive an update.


November Executive Equity Team Meeting

Dante stated that the agenda is not set for the Executive Equity Committee.  There will be a training session and he would like for the Directors to hear about everything that is happening in equity.  There will also be a couple of small group discussions.  Dante stated he is open to other suggestions on what other bureau directors need to hear. 


Notes provided by: Tonya Stephens 10/18/12