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April 4, 2013


Thursday April 4th 2013   9-11am


Muna welcomed everyone.  Round table introductions were made.


The ground rules were reiterated. 


Kyle stated that he will be providing CEC members with an update of this agenda item via email.


Patricia went over Steering Committee’s role.  She added that the Steering Committee represents the CEC and if any CEC members feel that they are not being heard, to let the Steering Committee know. 

There was a question about the Executive Equity Team (EET) and how no notes or minutes are taken during the course of their meetings.  It was requested that the Steering Committee play a more active role at EET meetings.  Patricia stated that the Steering Committee will raise that issue with Dante and have him take it to the EET to see if they would feel comfortable having a representative of the CEC present. 

Muna stated that if any CEC members have questions or concerns to send them to her and she will forward them to the Steering Committee.  Kyle also stated that CEC members are welcome to attend the Steering Committee meetings. 


  1. Role of Bureau Director

Carolinawent over the discussion during the last meeting with regards to what role the OEHR Director will take with the CEC.  She reported that the majority of the CEC members wanted Dante to be invited to the CEC meetings once a month to provide an update and also to attend meetings whenever the CEC members felt they needed his input. 


  1. Upcoming Projects and Deadlines

Kyle reported:

  1. They would like to present the Strategic Plan and introduce CEC members to City Council at the beginning of May.  All CEC members were invited to attend the Steering Committee’s for the presentation to City Council.


  1. Conduct a quarterly training session for all CEC members and alternates.  Hold May 2, 2013 date for a training session. 


  1. Subcommittee to work on Bureau Equity Templates will hopefully get started in the next month.  Dante has asked that the templates be done by July.  CEC members agreed that the Steering Committee should have a discussion with Dante about the July timeline and whether that can be moved back.


c.     Subcommittees

Patricia explained that at the last meeting four topics for subcommittee work were discussed and members were asked to sign up for a subcommittee of choice.  She asked that members think about signing up for one of the subcommittees if they have not done so yet.  She added that the Steering Committee would be leading work on the visibility of the CEC.


  1.  Title VI

Afifa provided an educational Office of Management and Finance (OMF) handout.  She explained that Shoshanah Oppenheim at OMF is compiling a draft for the City’s Title VI Civil Rights Plan which will be presented to City Council in early June.  Afifa stated that Shoshanah has asked the CEC for feedback on the draft plan.  There was consensus among CEC members to support the City’s draft plan and move forward with drafting a letter of support addressed to City Council. 


  1. Blog

Patricia brought to the CEC’s attention the blog by Jack Bogdanski which contained negative comments about the CEC and its work.


  1. Review      Portland Plan, CEC resolution, CEC Strategic Plan, and Racial Disparity Reports.


  1. Review      CEC member requirement competencies and CEC mission, vision and “why”      race.


  1. Primary      CEC members were paired off with another member and asked to make plans to      get together outside of the regular CEC meetings.  Muna will email discussion topics. 



Dante provided an update of the Executive Equity Team meetings.  He then led a discussion around an equity photo for CEC members. 


The CEC went over the results of the equity photo training with Dante.  Members offered insightful comments about the photo regarding challenges associated with it, how it can help to spark a conversation, but how it is also a limiting tool for deeper discussions on racism.

Dante was also asked why the EET does not keep notes or minutes.  Dante explained that the EET has stated that they want to be able to speak freely without it being recorded.  Muna stated to Dante that there was a recommendation from the CEC at its last meeting that some kind of meeting notes be taken so the CEC knows what next steps should be identified. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Meeting notes provided by Kathleen Kakesako – 4/9/2013