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February 21, 2013


Thursday February 21st 2012   9-11am



Muna welcomed everyone and shared that Dante regretted he could not be at the meeting due to a training with the Bureau of Environmental Services.  She asked CEC members to introduce themselves and do a check in.


Muna stated Dante informed her that an Executive Equity Team (EET) meeting was held on Tuesday February 19th for one hour and that it was a productive meeting.  At the EET meeting, Dante encouraged bureau directors to meet with the CEC representatives for their bureaus.

Muna asked CEC members (primaries) to track hours spent on equity work so we can have a sense if the allotted 10 hours per month is enough to do this work.  Muna also reminded CEC members to schedule a meeting with their bureau directors and begin a conversation about the work.


Kyle Diesner introduced the CEC ground rules and asked for volunteers to take turns reading them aloud.  He asked if there were any questions about the rules.  One member asked how to deal with someone who takes up too much air time in the meeting.  Kyle explained that Muna as facilitator (along with Steering Committee members) will make sure that air time is shared equally and remind members to self-monitor.  He also stated that CEC members each have a responsibility to interrupt non-constructive behavior.


Kyle spoke briefly about a draft framework for the CEC’s work that the Steering Committee had put together.  He covered the following points and then asked for comments or questions.


  1. Clear understanding of CEC      purpose and role; relationship to the bureaus, etc
  2. Group development and formation     
  3. Develop a shared framework and      analysis on race and equity.  Why Race?     


One member asked if the CEC was going to focus on race only in the beginning and then take on disability as another focus.  Kyle responded that the CEC will focus on race in the beginning.  Muna clarified that the CEC’s sole focus is race and racial equity.  Muna also shared that Dante is currently involved in conversations about setting up a citywide body to take up disability as its focus.



Afifa framed the CEC Mixer/Data Gathering exercise and stated that the goal was for members to get to know each other, gather information, and begin building a foundation for trust.  She instructed members to partner with someone they did not know and answer one of the six questions given to the group.  Each person would speak for five minutes answering the question while her/his partner noted the response.  At the end of the five minutes, the partners would switch and do this again.  Then participants would be asked to move on to another person for round two.

Exercise Questions


  1. What are you      most enthused about in regards to the work of the CEC?


  1. Imagine the      CEC at the end of your two or three year term.  What have we accomplished?  What does our group look like?


  1. What do you      see as the value of focusing on racial equity?


  1. What is one      fear that you have about the work of the CEC?  (specific      to CEC or in general about group processes).


  1. How would you      describe the state of your bureau’s diversity committee? Active/ passive?      Effective? Successful? Challenges? (Please      list bureau acronym on your card.)


  1. Please list      any questions you still have about the CEC.


The whole exercise took 65 minutes. 


Carolina Iraheta led the group through a debrief about the exercise.  She asked members to share their thoughts about the exercise.  Many members commented that they really enjoyed hearing people’s stories and backgrounds.  One member mentioned that it was surprising to find so many similarities in personal histories.  Another member stated that this was a very efficient way to gauge where everyone in the group is coming from.


Patricia Weekley spoke about next steps to the group.  She stated that the Steering Committee would gather the responses to the exercise, review them, identify any themes or patterns, and get back to the CEC at the next meeting with thoughts on how to move forward.


Muna thanked everyone for coming and said meeting notes would be sent out early the following week.



Meeting notes provided by Muna Idow 2/25/13