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March 7, 2013


Thursday March 7th 2012   9-11am


Muna welcomed everyone.  She asked CEC members to introduce themselves and, as it was Women’s History Month, to share the name of a woman who had influenced their lives and three qualities about that person.


Patricia Weekley went over the ground rules.  The rules were also provided on the back of the agenda.


Muna asked for members to meet with a partner to share their thoughts of the mixer/data gathering exercise conducted at the last meeting.  Many felt that the mixer went well.  Several members shared their thoughts. 

A Member had a question about time tracking.  Muna stated that only time as it relates to CEC specifically is tracked.  Another Member related that he may have a problem if his other diversity activities did not count towards time spent for CEC.  He added that he is getting uncomfortable with the increasingly narrow focus of CEC and stated that it was not following the Portland Plan.  Muna then explained the CEC’s focus on racial equity. 


Dante James provided an Executive Equity Team update. He said most importantly he relayed to the directors that people of color are having conversations about problems in their bureaus, but are unable to talk to them about it.  Dante stated that many directors were unaware and have asked that, at their next meeting, Dante discuss how they can have a conversation with staff to gain that information.  Dante then asked CEC members to think about any ideas on how bureaus can approach staff with regards to racial equity that he can provide at his next Executive Equity Team meeting.  Muna asked that any ideas be sent to her and she will have it compiled for Dante. 


Kyle Diesner provided a Steering Committee update and stated that the committee worked on putting together the responses from the “sticky” wall created as a result of the mixer from the last CEC meeting. 


Carolina Iraheta explained that the Steering Committee thought it would be easier to come up with a theme and group the mixer responses together and categorize them.  She added that then helped provide a discussion within the Steering Committee for what the CEC is about and provide some type of map in terms of goals and what types of work they want to work on.  Carolina and Kyle went over the mixer results and the various categories. 

Dante wanted to clarify that the CEC has nothing to do with EEO. He also stated that the City’s affirmative action plan is not what the CEC is going to take on.  It is something that is incorporated into each bureaus own strategic plan. 


Muna went over how the goals and priorities for the CEC’s first year came about.


Alejandro Vidales had members break into small groups for an exercise to address year one goals and priorities.  After 30 minute discussion, groups provided their input on the draft goals and priorities.  The then groups reported on their group discussion.  Muna will have each groups list compiled and provide the responses to CEC members at the next meeting.


Patricia spoke about next steps.  She stated that the Steering Committee will digest the members comments provided to the Year 1 Goals and Priorities draft and will provide feedback to the CEC at the next meeting. 


Dante provided an update to address a couple of questions that members posed.  He briefly went over the Portland Plan and the resolution that took the CDC to the CEC.  He also stated that the ADA coordinators in each bureau are going to be more active.  In addition, he stated that his office focuses on two aspects:  education and technical assistance.  He also went on to discuss specific examples of equity work being done by his office.  He stated that he knows the process is slow motion for some people, but thinks the ground work is important.

In closing, Dante asked whether CEC members would prefer to have him attend all, part, or none of the meetings and asked members to have a conversation about that. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:07 a.m.



Meeting Notes provided by Kathleen Kakesako                 3/8/13