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March 21, 2013


Thursday March 21st 2012   9-11am


Round table introductions of all members present.


The Ground Rules were read and agreed to by all present.


Patricia from the Steering Committee reported that Shoshanah Oppenheim, ADA Title II and Civil Rights Title IV Program Manager would like meet with the CEC to create partnerships between the two efforts.  The Steering Committee will meet with Shoshanah to discuss how to forge a relationship.


Kyle provided the group a summarized overview of the CEC’s role, focus (on race), and authority.  Several resources including the resolution creating the CEC, links to the Portland Plan, and racial disparity reports, will be posted to the OEHR website.  All members were encouraged to visit the website and familiarize themselves with these documents.

Muna briefly spoke about the need for the CEC to create synergy with other entities working on racial equity including the Executive Equity Team (EET) which is a committee that works alongside the CEC and comprises of bureau directors and senior policy staff from each of the six offices of the electeds.  The EET meets quarterly to discuss equity. 

The CEC members would like clarification on the purpose of the EET as well as what is discussed at these meetings.  The CEC also unanimously agreed on having meeting notes taken at EET meetings to capture key discussion and decisions.

Other noteworthy points made during the discussion:

-       ACCOUNTABILITY! - Accountability was the elephant in the room during this discussion.  It was a re-occurring topic, surfacing when doubt was raised about the CEC’s ability to produce tangible results without having those in positions of change and authority held accountable for their own practices and dedication to an equitable workplace.

-       CEC members were encouraged to meet with their own director to discuss the goals and activities of the CEC committee and share a copy of the CEC’s strategic plan.


The top three were identified, and subcommittees were proposed in the following areas:

1)       Building Capacity within CEC

2)       Support Bureaus in Developing Equity Plans with measurable goals

3)       Elevating the ability of the CEC and its goals- Visibility


A fourth subcommittee was also recommended:

4)       Institutional Policy Review and Analysis

-       How do we address the institutional racism, and the analysis piece?

-       There is a lack of information (for the bureaus) on how to do things with an equity lens.

-       Old practices have not been removed.  Although identified, they are very much in practice.

-       How are promotions given, how are we hiring new staff.

-       Working with seniority issues and unions.

We want a coordinated effort to not duplicate prior work towards achieving an equitable workplace, particularly the efforts that are already in place.  This has been addressed and the plans and policies that have been created were laid out and reviewed, with this in mind.  It was acknowledged that bureaus may see the plans as the “completion” as well as the solution.  There might be a misconception that once the plan is in place, the bureaus work is done.  We also do not want to press upon or tire out the bureaus, or ourselves, with yet another “plan”, with the above complacent results.

Members were asked to sign up for subcommittees based on their skill sets, expertise, and experience and select a first and second choice accordingly.  Alternates in attendance are asked to notify their primaries about signing up for a subcommittee.

The Body of the Subcommittee:

-       Up to 8 members on each committee

-       Co-Leads (2) to ensure the overall work of the subcommittee is on track and progressing

-       Project Manager: task oriented, notes, reminders, etc..

-       1-2 Steering Committee members will serve on each subcommittee

-        Work Plan


The discussion of the bureau director’s participation in the CEC Committee was opened and all thoughts, concerns, and comments were welcomed and respected.

Two options were given by Dante to be voted upon

  1. Bureau Director attends none of the      meetings
  2. Bureau Director attends the meetings      once a month, for a ten minute briefing to only provide feedback from the      Executive Equity Team meetings


Members were asked for additional feedback prior to the vote.  Some members proposed a third option.  The third choice “Option C” was placed on the ballots with voters writing suggestions for the bureau director’s involvement.



-       Read the following documents:

  • Resolutions
  • The Portland Equity Plan (Making Equity Real Section)
  • CEC Strategic Plan
  • Racial Disparity Studies


Muna would send out an email will with links to resources.


Notes provided by Theresa Green 3/25/13