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May 2, 2013


Thursday May 2, 2013   9-11am


Muna welcomed everyone.  Round table introductions were made.


The ground rules were reiterated. 

HOMEWORK - Debrief

Members agreed to skip debrief in interest of time


CEC trainings are to focus on racial equity and dismantling institutional racism.  Trainings are to include both primary and secondary representatives.

  • Research has been done which firms would be best suited for providing the above trainings for CEC members.
  • Two to two and a half day trainings are the norm for groups in the beginner stage like the CEC.
  • OEHR will prepare an RFP with the intention of completing a contract by the end of May 2013.
  • The first quarterly CEC Training target date is September 2013.
  • CEC members expressed the expectation that Dante would inform the EET regarding the importance of CEC training, as well as inform the EET about the projected September 2013 quarterly CEC training.



The CEC will resume the one meeting per month schedule starting Thursday, June 20, 2013.  Going forward, regular CEC meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Reminder: The CEC will meet on Thursday, May 16.

  • May 15 – CEC to be formally introduced to City Council and the Steering Committee (SC) will present the CEC Strategic Plan to City Council
  • Both Primary and Secondary CEC members are invited and encouraged to attend



OEHR (Muna) confirmed that all bureaus should have a Bureau Equity Committee to further racial equity work and that the CEC primary and secondary members will act as technical experts inside their bureaus on racial equity.

CEC members discussed the challenges and opportunities that meet bureau equity committees, as well as best practices


  • Inter-bureau partnerships
  • Education (Equity training, retreats)
  • Creating/updating bureau equity strategic plans
  • Forums for recognizing equity work within bureaus
  • Moving the equity issue forward through comprehensive policy and procedure reviews
  • Learning from equity success stories from other bureaus



  • Transitioning from a ‘diversity’ to ‘equity’ committee (understanding change in purpose)
  • Focusing on race and institutional racism
  • Need for equity training
  • Resistance from leadership
  • Uniqueness of bureau cultures (size, representative participation, resource allocation)



CEC members convened into the following workgroups:

  1. Levers
  2. Marketing & Political Engagement
  3. Template Content 


Work groups were tasked with selecting a Project Manager, Note-taker, a work group meeting time, and discussed next steps.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Meeting notes provided by Stephen Bouffard (Revenue Bureau) – 5/2/2013