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September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

Welcoming and Check In

Announcement and Q & A: Dante James

Kyle welcomed everyone and asked Dante to address the group.  Dante explained that he has had discussions with the CEC Steering Committee and asked them to step up and facilitate future CEC meetings.  Recruiting and mentoring will also be the Steering Committee’s role.  He stated that the CEC needs to run the CEC.  He added that Muna will take on more of a staff role instead of facilitating the committee.  Dante stated that the expertise Muna brought to the committee is not going to disappear. He further stated that the CEC will be facilitated differently and that OEHR’s role is to provide support.  Patricia acknowledged Muna’s efforts as a facilitator and thanked her.

Kyle introduced new members from Bureau of Development Services (BDS), Chariti Montez (Primary) and Nancy Thorington (Alternate).  Dante added that there is an effort to recruit new members from Office of Management and Finance (OMF).   There was a question about whether there will be representatives from the Commissioners’ offices.  Kyle stated that Muna is facilitating this prospect.  He added that Dora Perry (Commissioner Fritz) and Bryan Hockaday (Commissioner Novick) were present at the recent training.

Kyle further stated that based upon the completion of our first training for all members and their comments, that welcoming alternate CEC members to meetings on a regular basis is beneficial and important for the whole of the team.  It was also stated that attendance on behalf of alternate members was never fully discussed.  Kyle will add this discussion to the next CEC meeting agenda.  Carolina stated that it was always the intent to have alternates in attendance; the timing of implementation was always the questions.

Ground Rules & Membership

Maximo reviewed the ground rules. He stated it is always good to do a reality check and constantly practice the ground rules.   

It was also stated that if CEC members did not have meaningful opportunities to comment in the group setting they could Email the Steering Committee and their Email would be forwarded to the entire group.

Discussion: Director Participation

Dante informed the group that the CEC survey stated that he was not visible or engaged enough. He stated that he has felt disconnected from the CEC and would like to be more engaged with the CEC.  Input on Dante’s participation was taken and then the CEC voted to determine if Dante should attend the full CEC meetings.  The vote was unanimous for Dante’s participation in the full meetings.  However, there was one comment that read “Yes, participate but committee needs to identify breadth of involvement as needed”.  

Dante will not be a voting member.  Joe Wahl is Deputy Director for OEHR and will attend meetings in Dante’s absence.


Debrief: CEC Training

Next steps:

Training within City bureaus 

Equity Toolkit/Template development

Equity Toolkit/Template - Accountability   

Patricia stated the broader purpose of the training, in her opinion, was to ground the CEC members in a unified comprehension of systematic, institutional racism (and the benefits of dismantling it) as common goals.


Update: Work Groups Report Back

Due to time constraints, no updates were made.

Update: OEHR Director

Dante gave an update on the Executive Equity Committee (EEC).  He stated that he has provided those on the EEC with the DRAFT Equity Impact Assessment Guide as an example.  Dante also mentioned that every Director should be meeting with their CEC committee members once a month.  He then asked for a report from the CEC that could be presented to the Executive Equity Committee about the Racial Equity Plan.   

Dante advised that the Mayor’s office has asked him to identify 4 or 5 initiatives regarding equity; specific ideas that could be a citywide project that the Mayor’s office could implement.

Dante mentioned that the demographics for City ofPortlandemployees are now listed on OEHR’s website.  Dante will send this information to bureau directors first and then send out a citywide Email.

He also updated the Committee on programs and projects his office was working on.