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Neighborhood Involvement

Building inclusive, safe and livable neighborhoods and communities.

ONI Main: 503-823-4519

City/County Info: 503-823-4000

TDD: 503-823-6868

1221 SW 4th Ave, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97204

Crime Prevention staff by neighborhood

Go directly to the Crime Prevention Coordinators' page, or find your coordinator below.

Neighborhood Crime   Prevention Coordinator Phone
Alameda Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Arbor Lodge Patrick Owen 823-4094
Ardenwald Teri Poppino 823-0540
Argay Sara Hussein 823-4098
Arlington   Heights Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Arnold Creek Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Ashcreek Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Beaumont-Wilshire Sara Hussein 823-4098
Boise Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Brentwood-Darlington Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Bridgeton Patrick Owen 823-4094
Bridlemile Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Brooklyn Teri Poppino 823-0540
Buckman Teri Poppino 823-0540
Cathedral   Park Patrick Owen 823-4094
Centennial Celeste Carey 823-5532
Collins View Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Concordia Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Creston-Kenilworth   (east of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Creston-Kenilworth   (west of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Teri Poppino 823-0540
Crestwood Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Cully Sara Hussein 823-4098
Downtown Jacob Brostoff 823-5852
East Columbia Patrick Owen 823-4094
Eastmoreland Teri Poppino 823-0540
Eliot Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Far SW Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Forest Park Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Foster-Powell Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Glenfair Celeste Carey 823-5532
Goose Hollow Jacob Brostoff 823-5852
Grant Park Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Hayden Island Patrick Owen 823-4094
Hayhurst Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Hazelwood Celeste Carey 823-5532
Healy Heights Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Hillsdale Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Hillside Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Hollywood Sara Hussein 823-4098
Homestead Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Hosford-Abernethy Teri Poppino 823-0540
Humboldt Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Irvington Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Kenton Patrick Owen 823-4094
Kerns Teri Poppino 823-0540
King Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Laurelhurst   (east of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Laurelhurst   (west of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Teri Poppino 823-0540
Lents VACANT 823-3505
Linnton Patrick Owen 823-4094
Lloyd Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Madison South Sara Hussein 823-4098
Maplewood Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Markham Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Marshall Park Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Mill Park Celeste Carey 823-5532
Montavilla Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Mt   Scott-Arleta Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Mt Tabor Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Multnomah Jenni Pullen 823-4257
North Tabor Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
NW District Jenni Pullen 823-4257
NW Heights Jenni Pullen 823-4257
NW Industrial Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Old   Town-Chinatown Jacob Brostoff 823-5852
Overlook Patrick Owen 823-4094
Parkrose Sara Hussein 823-4098
Parkrose   Heights Celeste Carey 823-5532
Pearl Jacob Brostoff 823-5852
Piedmont Patrick Owen 823-4094
Pleasant   Valley VACANT 823-3505
Portsmouth Patrick Owen 823-4094
Powellhurst-Gilbert VACANT 823-3505
Reed Teri Poppino 823-0540
Richmond   (east of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Richmond   (west of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Teri Poppino 823-0540
Rose City   Park Sara Hussein 823-4098
Roseway Sara Hussein 823-4098
Russell Celeste Carey 823-5532
Sabin Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Sellwood-Moreland Teri Poppino 823-0540
South   Burlingame Jenni Pullen 823-4257
South   Portland Jenni Pullen 823-4257
South Tabor Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Southwest   Hills Jenni Pullen 823-4257
St Johns Patrick Owen 823-4094
Sullivan's   Gulch Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Sumner Sara Hussein 823-4098
Sunderland Sara Hussein 823-4098
Sunnyside   (east of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Marianna Lomanto 823-3432
Sunnyside   (west of SE Cesar Chavez Blvd) Teri Poppino 823-0540
Sylvan-Highlands Jenni Pullen 823-4257
University   Park Patrick Owen 823-4094
Vernon Mary Tompkins 823-4764
West Portland   Park Jenni Pullen 823-4257
Wilkes (north   of I-84) Sara Hussein 823-4098
Wilkes (south   of I-84) Celeste Carey 823-5532
Woodland Park Celeste Carey 823-5532
Woodlawn Mary Tompkins 823-4764
Woodstock Marianna Lomanto 823-3432