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Neighborhood Involvement

Building inclusive, safe and livable neighborhoods and communities.

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Standards for Neighborhood System

VI. Business District Associations

A. Requirements for being acknowledged as a Business District Association by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement
1. Basic Requirements
Business District Associations which have status as a Mutual Benefit Corporation or other non-profit designation of the State of Oregon, and meet the following will, upon request, be officially acknowledged by the City of Portland and be eligible for services and support (if available) provided by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

a. Membership

Membership shall be open  to any business licensee or owner of property zoned for, or used for, a business purpose within the boundaries of the Business District Association.  Other individuals or organizations (such as Neighborhood Associations) may be members as set forth in each Business District Association's bylaws.
b. Boundaries
Geographic boundaries must be clearly stated in each Business District Association's bylaws.  Boundaries may not overlap those of other Business District Associations unless agreed to in writing.
c. Non-discrimination
Business District Associations will not discriminate against individuals or groups based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, legal citizenship, national origin, income, or political affiliation in any of their policies, recommendations or actions.
d. Size
A Business District Association shall have at least 75 businesses within its geographic boundaries.
e. Bylaws
A Business District Association shall provide the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and the Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations or other designated entity up-to-date copies of bylaws, which meet the above criteria and include provisions for adopting and amending bylaws, establishing a quorum, setting the agenda, notification, elections, annual meetings, meeting requirements, and the grievance process.
f. Meeting requirements
Bylaws must provide for regular meetings.  A general meeting must occur at a minimum once per year with notice to elect a Board of Directors.  Business District Associations are encouraged to hold open meetings and maintain public records.

2. Affiliations

a. Each Business District Association is encouraged to participate on citywide and District Coalition committees on pertinent matters and issues of mutual interest.  Individual members are encouraged to attend and participate in neighborhood activities. 
b. Each Business District Association is encouraged to attend and participate in appropriate Neighborhood Associations, and are is encouraged to maintain open communication with other Business District Associations, surrounding neighborhoods, and the District Coalition serving its area.

c. Each Business District Association is encouraged to seek mediation among themselves and/or other organizations and entities if disagreements arise over issues.

3. Acknowledgement as a Business District Association by the City of Portland
After acknowledgement, Business District Associations are entitled to receive services and/or support including but not limited to:

a. Placement on the Office of Neighborhood Involvement "Neighborhood Directory" which lists the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and web addresses of the Business District Association, its president, a designated contact person and staff, if any.  The contact list will be used to send mailings from City agencies.
b. Mediation services which can be used for resolving disagreements between Business District Associations or a Business District Association and its Neighborhood Association(s).
c. Notification by appropriate City bureaus on pertinent matters that fall within Business District Association boundaries or will affect their activities.

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