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Approved Street Tree Planting Lists

black tupelo

Before You Plant

Before planting a tree on a City street (right-of-way), you need to obtain a planting permit. The permit is free and includes an on-site inspection.  Before purchasing your tree, call Urban Forestry at 503-823-4489 to request your planting permit and schedule a free on-site inspection. An Urban Forestry Tree Inspector will make sure the tree you choose is the right tree for the location and will answer any questions you may have. This will ensure that the tree provides the maximum benefit and requires minimal maintenance in the future.

Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place

The best street tree is one that fits well in the available space. To help property owners choose the right tree, the City maintains lists of approved street trees based on the width of the planting strip and the presence/absence of overhead high voltage power lines. Generally only primary lines (the power lines usually located above transformers) affect tree selection because trees must not come into contact with these high voltage carriers.

View the Street Tree Planting and Establishment Guidelines for tips on how to purchase, plant, and maintain a tree. When purchasing street trees, the required standard size is 2" caliper for residential lots and 3.5" caliper for commercial and industrial lots. If you are planting a conifer, it must be at least 6' tall.

Click here to look up where to purchase trees.

Find the appropriate approved street tree planting list below

  • Measure the width of the planting space from the inside of the curb to the edge of the sidewalk
  • Check for overhead high voltage wires
  • If the planting site is in an unimproved right-of-way (curb with no sidewalk; or no curb and no sidewalk; or no curb, no sidewalk, and no paved road):
    • Use the "6.0 foot and greater sites with high voltage power lines" list if overhead high voltage power lines are present
    • Use the "8.5 foot and greater sites without high voltage power lines" list if there are no overhead high voltage power lines present

Frequently asked questions about the Approved Street Tree Planting Lists