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Marquam Nature Park

Marquam Nature Park Trail Map

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To design and construct a number of soft surface hiking trail segments, including low and high bridges of varying lengths and wayfinding signage, as called for in the 2003 Marquam Hill Plan and using the preliminary alignments determined by public process in 2007. Using PP&R's 2009 Trail Design Guidelines, the new trails will be designed to responsibly expand hiking options within the park while preserving the habitat and other environmental values and functions. The project will provide key pedestrian connections between the surrounding neighborhoods, OHSU, and the Terwilliger Parkway and eliminate a network of unsafe demand trails that damage habitat and water quality. Funding is provided by a Local Share of Metro's 2002 Greenspaces Bond Measure.

Eight preliminary trail segment alignments were determined through a public process in 2007. Each of those segments has been assessed by consultants as to its environmental impact, safety and maintainability, circulatory and recreational contribution, and cost. The estimated Total Project Cost to design and build all of the proposed segments significantly exceeds the project budget. Public input will be sought to identify the highest priority segments to move ahead with the available funding into design and permitting. PP&R anticipates building those trails in 2013.

Design & Construction

Allison Rouse, 503-823-5598,

City Nature West Manager
Astrid Dragoy, 503-823-4376,


September 2012
Receive permits for trail installation

October-December 2012
Coordinate trail and bridge designs

December 2012-January 2013
Structural permitting

February-April 2013
Bid out trail construction

June 2013-March 2014


PP&R has engaged Twin Oaks Construction & Metalworks of White Salmon, WA to construct the trails and the crossings in Marquam Nature Park. Twin Oaks recently completed a very successful rehabilitation of the Oaks Bottom Trail on the east side of the Willamette.

The scope of work includes (see 2013 Construction Site Map):

  • Trail 5, from where it meets the Marquam Trail near SW 12th south to where it returns to the MT near Terwilliger, and including 4 bridges
  • Trail 5a, which will connect SW Fairmount to Trail 5
  • Trail 4, which will connect the Log Landing to Trail 5
  • Removal and replanting of some of the harmful demand trails that have appeared in the Nature Park

Trail and bridge construction will begin by the end of June and will continue through early fall of 2013. The project will then pause until January through March of 2014, the prime season for native revegetation work. The revegetation plantings will be performed by the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services.

The construction work will be staged from the foot of SW 12th Ave.

Marquam Nature Park supports an abundance of native tree species, such as Douglas fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, and bigleaf maples, and a variety of natural habitats. The entire park has a protective environmental zoning overlay applied to ensure preservation of that habitat and the natural hydrology (the flow of water through its many seeps and perennial and seasonal streams).

The park currently contains one official trail, the Marquam Trail, a part of the 40-Mile Loop and the SW Trails network, which connects uphill to Council Crest and the Oregon Zoo and downhill to Terwilliger Parkway. There are also quite a few unsafe and damaging demand ("social") trails that connect the surrounding neighborhoods with destinations such as the Marquam Trail, OHSU, and Terwilliger Parkway.

A small kiosk with information about the Nature Park and the trail network is located at the base of the Marquam Trail along Terwilliger.

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