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Sports & Science Might Be More Connected Than We Think!

Check out this article from Shots - Health News From NPR:


Want Your Daughter To Be A Science Whiz? Soccer Might Help

By Nancy Shute

October 22, 2013


"Girls who were more physically active at age 11 did better at school as teenagers, a study finds. And the most active girls really aced science.

It's become pretty much a given that children do better academically when they get regular exercise, even though schools continue to cut or even eliminate recess time. But there's surprisingly little hard evidence to back that up."  Read More

Do This One Simple Thing... Drink Up!

If there was a magic button that would help you feel more alert, be more active, put your brain to better use, lose weight and decrease headaches, risk of heart attack and cancer... would you push it? Me too, but only if I can remember to keep it handy and at the top of my "Do Right Now" list... Will you join in me for a glass of good old H20?

Let's Move!, America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids, announced:

"On September 12, the First Lady joined the Partnership for a Healthier America and actress Eva Longoria in Watertown, WI to announce PHA’s new campaign to encourage everyone to drink more water. Drinking water is one of the simplest ways to improve overall health and well-being, yet approximately one in four kids do not drink any water on a given day, according to the CDC.

“Since we started the Let’s Move! initiative, I’ve been looking for as many ways as possible to help families and kids lead healthier lives. And I’ve come to realize that if we were going to take just one step to make ourselves and our families healthier, probably the single best thing we could do is to simply drink more water. It’s as simple as that. Drink more water,” said First Lady Michelle Obama."

Today I am starting fresh with our family's water habits. I am stashing water bottles in the car, in the kids' backpacks, in the mud room by the door and under my desk at work. Next I am dusting off the reusable water bottles in the cupboard (a little Sharpie art makes them more fun for me and the little ones). Lastly, I am busting out the sticker bin for a friendly family competition to see who can get in all 8 glasses of water first each day. What could you do to get your family to drink up?

All the best,

Recreation Coordinator, SWCC


Congrats 2013 Summer Camp Counselor All Stars!

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SWCC campers and parents nominated camp staff for the First Annual Camp Counselor All Star Awards....

We are proud to announce the top Camp Counselor Allstars - Blaine Rethmeier, Kim Cardoza, Sarah Knudsen, Ashanti Stafford & Lana Wright!

Thank you to all the families that participated in the nominations,
~SWCC Camp Management Team


The 2013 Summer Camp Survey is still available If you would like to provide feedback on your summer camp experience or pass on thanks to the staff.

SWCC Camp Counselor Allstars - 2013

Blaine Rethmeier

Coach Blaine, Camp Director for Preschool Sports & Fit & Fun for Everyone

  • "Blaine has a gift for making each child, regardless of his abilities, to feel successful and accomplished! Kudos!"
  • "Coach Blaine was great."
  • "Thank you Coach Blaine for a great summer!"
  • "Thank you Blaine - fun soccer camp!!!"
Kim Cardoza

 Kim Cardoza, Inclusion Assistant in Get in the Game

  • "I am happy that my son had Kim as his one-on-one support. I think she helped others accept and like him. I don't think anyone else could have been a better fit - she saw him as the sweet boy he is even when his behaviors didn't match up to that. Kim doesn't take things personally and in that way she is very professional. I really appreciated that she was able to work with him (us) the whole summer instead of things being switched up. Because of her, we had a wonderful summer and are even having a great school year so far. I knew that when I dropped him off he was in good hands and I wasn't going to hear all negative things when I picked him up - this makes a huge difference in a family's stress level and ability to function! Being treated like he mattered and with love by an adult other than his own mom has had a big, positive impact on his behavior. Thanks Kim!"
Sarah Knudsen

Sarah Knudsen, Director of Summer Safari Camp

  • "Sarah the director from Summer Safari is fantastic!  She is always so warm and welcoming, and approaches everything with a sense of fun and humor.  Our daughter loved Sarah when she was a Summer Safari camper and now our son has loved her for the past 2 years as well.  We love Sarah!"

Ashanti Stafford

Lana Wright

Ashanti Stafford, Director & Lana Wright, Counselor from Summer Sprouts Camp

  • "The location of this camp being at the Community Garden was fantastic.  The resources available to the staff such as the hiking trails, creek, apple orchard, open grassy fields and the actual garden itself creates a robust outdoor summer camp experience.  My child will be too old to take this camp next summer, so I would love it if you ran another one next summer for 5 - 6 year olds at the garden.  Lastly, our instructors, Shanti & Lana, were warm, outgoing, caring, thoughtful, and so much fun!  I couldn't have been happier with my son's summer experience!  In fact, we loved it so much I signed him up for extra weeks as the summer went on!  Thank you!"
  • "Lana and Ashanti made Rhys' first camp experience go so smoothly he wanted to go all summer.  In fact, going back to school was tough as he so loved his outdoor garden adventures!"
  • "This camp created a curiosity about plants and nature that I had never seen in my child before.  He continues to recall and tell me about things he learned while at camp."
  • "My son tried fresh vegetables from the garden that he would have never tried at home, he also learned how to suck nectar from flowers and even ate cactus!"
Honorable Mentions:
  • Willa Maher,  Little Adventurers AM Counselor: "My child loved Teacher Willa. She made camp fun for my child"

  • Matt McCourt, SNAP Camp Assistant Director: "Matt was very welcoming to Junior Leaders and was always ready to make people laugh."

  • Krystal Graybiel-Goldstein, SNAP Counselor: "Krystal was Really funny."

  • Mikaela Doherty, SNAP Counselor: "Mikaela was really easy going and inclusive of campers."

  • Sean Bascom, Director; Travis Reitano, Assistant Director; Chris Klich & April Jones, Counselors: "Thanks to all 4 skate coaches - they were awesome."

  • Joel Flink, Director; Kiera Coulter, Assistant Director; Lauren Field, Sierra Duarte & Ben Kennel, Counselors: "A big thank you to all of Sports Madness crew! As usual, they were awesome!"

  • "Everyone deserves a thanks.  My kids have had great experiences now for about 5 years."

Additional Nominations:

  • Sierra Houston, High 5 Adventures Assistant Director
  • Travis Bauer, Sports Specialty Director
  • Spencer Dale, SNAP Director

The 2013 Summer Camp Survey is still available If you would like to provide feedback on your summer camp experience or pass on thanks to the staff.

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