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Garden Plot Transfer Request Form
Interested in a different community garden plot and you have already renewed your existing plot? Request a transfer!

In an effort to streamline our processes, once you have been assigned a community garden plot, you will be removed from the waitlist for all other gardens. If you want to transfer, you must make your request during the renewal period. Transfer requests will be made based on the criteria below.

Types of transfer requests:

  • • Transfer to a new garden
  • • Transfer to a larger plot in your current garden
  • • Transfer to a smaller plot in your current garden
  • • Split your existing plot to better match your garden needs
  • • Transfer to an ADA raised bed in a new or current garden due to a disability

Criteria for granting transfer requests:

  1. You must be a current gardener and have paid for your current plot. All plot fees paid will be applied to the cost of the new plot if your transfer request is granted. You will be issued a refund or an invoice for the difference in fees, if applicable.
  2. Transfer requests are determined by plot availability and your original waitlist date. If you wish to transfer to a garden with a waitlist, your waitlist date must be earlier than that of the first person on the waitlist.
  3. If you have received no more than one notice the previous garden season (between November 1 and October 31) and have a plot that is in compliance with our policies and procedures, then you are eligible for transfer to a larger size plot.

All community gardeners may transfer to a smaller size plot if you need a more manageable size or do not intend to use your entire plot.

We will make every effort to fulfill all transfer requests and contact you individually by February 15 via email or mail to discuss your request.

Tips for keeping your plot in compliance until your transfer request has been processed:

  • • Your plot should be weed-free and tidy with mulch
  • • Continue to harvest crops and remove dead plant material
  • • Maintain all adjacent pathways
  • • Contact your garden manager or the community garden office with questions and updated contact information

To request a transfer, decide which garden you would like by looking at the Location Map. Next, fill out the Transfer Request Form below and click submit.



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