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River View Natural Area

  • Site clean-up

A message from Commissioner Fritz regarding the recent changes
at River View Natural Area:

The decision to prohibit mountain biking for now at River View was made in partnership with Commissioner Fish and the Bureau of Environmental Services, with due consideration of the reason for dedicating ratepayer dollars to purchase the site to protect water quality.  We are not saying River View will never be used for mountain biking, rather just not now, before the citywide assessment of appropriate places for cycling is funded and completed.  I encourage you to participate in the upcoming City Budget process, to urge funding for the citywide Master Plan for cycling that Portland Parks and Recreation and I have proposed in our requested budget allocations.

-Amanda Fritz, City Commissioner

A letter from Commissioners Fritz and Fish - March 2, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions - River View Natural Area Management Plan

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) is currently managing the River View Natural Area (RVNA) to stabilize the site and control the growth of invasive species. PP&R will work with a consultant team, a technical advisory committee, and a project advisory committee (PAC) to create a Management Plan that will protect and enhance the natural resources of the RVNA by:

  • Directing future management priorities with a science-based approach;
  • Protecting core natural areas and identifying enhancement projects;
  • Designing a trail system that is compatible with protection of the natural resources; and
  • Identifying environmental interpretation and research opportunities. 

Project Partners
Portland Parks & Recreation, Bureau of Environmental Services, Metro, Trust for Public Lands

Project Advisory Committee
Brian Baumann, Adam Clinton Baylor, Sarah Bice, Corrina Chase, Michel George, Michael Karnosh, Marci Krass, Fran Laird, Steve Manton, Chris Sautter, Jennifer Seamans, Chad Sorber, Charlie Sponsel, Mauricio Villarreal, Jay Withgott

Project Manager
Emily Roth, Natural Resource Planner
Phone: 503-823-9225

Public Involvement Coordinator
Maija Spencer, Program Specialist
Phone: 503-823-7720


August - September 2013 (Relevant Information)

  • Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Site Reconnaissance Tour, September 18
  • Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Site Tour, September 26
  • Consultant Team prepares Relevant Information / Site Tour Summary Technical Memo

October - December 2013 (Identify Goals, Opportunities & Constraints)

  • PAC Meeting, October 8
  • TAC Meeting, October 15

October 2013 - January 2014 (Site Analysis)

  • Consultant Team prepares Site Analysis and Base Plan
  • Community Open House, November 12
  • PAC Meeting, January 22

February - July 2014 (Draft Concept Plan)

  • Develop design criteria
  • Prepare Concept Plan with ecological prescriptions, trails, and access overlay


March 2015
The planning process is resuming and will be completed by the end of this year.  Dates for the next Public Advisory Committee meeting and an Open House will be announced soon.  Please check back for updates. 

April 2014
The City/Consultant team is continuing to work on the many plan components and needs more time to critically look at habitat protection, trail placement, and access/parking since hearing from the Project Advisory Committee in January and the Collins View Neighborhood Association in February.

The City/Consultant Team will continue to:

  • Complete the ecological work for protection of core habitat and riparian areas, and ecological prescriptions.
  • Develop site-specific design criteria for dogs, walking/hiking trails, mountain biking trails, viewing areas, and gathering space. These criteria will be used to evaluate whether dogs on leash will be allowed/not allowed; location of walking/hiking trails and viewing areas; allowance and location of mountain biking trails if appropriate; and educational activities.
  • Evaluate areas for parking and access, including working with Lewis and Clark College and River View Cemetery.
  • Develop the draft plan showing core habitat, riparian areas, trails and viewing areas, parking and access, and management recommendations.

Onsite Activity

  1. Restoration work: planted 50,000 trees and shrubs and removal of invasive species.
  2. Continued allowed use for walking/hiking and bicycling on trails open to the public. If the trails are too wet and you can see your tracks, please do not use trails until dry.
  3. Dogs must be on leash at all times.

The River View Natural Area (RVNA) is a 146-acre forested parcel connecting Forest Park to the north, Tryon State Natural Area to the south, and the Willamette River to the east. It is nestled between SW Macadam Ave and SW Terwilliger Blvd in southwest Portland. The RVNA has significant ecological value; 7 streams, 130 plant species, 31 mammal species, and 74 avian species have been documented at this site. It comprises about half of the forest canopy in the 350-acre River View Subwatershed of the Lower Willamette Watershed. 

Under private ownership until 2011, the RVNA was logged in the 1800s and 1950s and subjected to vegetative neglect over the next 60 years. In July 2011, the City of Portland, in partnership with Metro and Trust for Public Land, acquired the property. It is one of the largest single natural area acquisitions in the City’s history.

FAQs - River View Natural Area Management Plan

March 2, 2015 Frequently Asked Questions

A letter to River View Stakeholders from Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish

March 2, 2015 letter from Commissioners Fritz and Fish