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Planning for Future Capital Improvement Projects

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) and its 120 friends and partner groups steward your public parks system. In addition to maintaining today’s parks, PP&R is responsible for working with City Council, our Portland Parks Foundation and others, to build the parks system for the next generation. This requires planning, community input and the resources to complete the work.

We track our existing major maintenance needs and growth needs (growing our parks system to match population growth), on the PP&R Capital Improvement Projects list, or CIP. The CIP tracks projects regardless of their funding status. In fact, many projects on our CIP are unfunded.

Area map of PortlandLinks on the left hand side of this page show the projects on our CIP list divided by geographic area and type of project (maintenance or growth).

Projects are divided geographically into the following areas as illustrated on this map:

  • Central City
  • East
  • North
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

PP&R also has some projects that are citywide. These projects may impact multiple sites, such as a citywide park facility lead paint abatement project, and/or may not yet have an identified site.

For each geographic area, there is a maintenance list and a growth list.

  • Maintenance projects maintain or replace existing facilities, such as replacement of a roof or repair of an existing pool.
  • Growth projects add new facilities (building a new park or a new playground in a park) or expand existing facilities (like adding a gymnasium to an existing community center).

Parks System Development Charge revenues (SDCs) can be used to fund growth projects, but not maintenance projects. For more information on Park SDCs, please visit our SDC website.

For information on the process and rating criteria for CIP, please review the PP&R Capital Planning Manual.

Please share your feedback

Is there a project to grow or expand the park system that you aren’t seeing on the list?

If you would like to give Commissioner Fritz feedback on your priorities for PP&R (maintenance or growth), please write her at

Do you have an idea for PP&R and have the funds (or can raise the funds), expertise, time and volunteer hours to help accomplish it? While our Parks Proposal Process is on hold indefinitely, but may reopen as early as spring 2014, please consider submitting a Park Proposal Application so it’s in the queue for when staff are next available to review ideas: Click here to view Park Project Proposal Process.

Report a park problem through our ParkScan system here: . ParkScan is meant for reporting a short-term problem or low cost fix for a park asset, for example – a broken bench, vandalism or other observation.

[1]What you won’t see represented on this list are development of parks in park-deficient areas for which PP&R has not yet acquired a property and/or developed a plan with the community.  Once a plan has been developed, then PP&R has an idea of what implementation of a project would cost and adds the project to the CIP list.