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Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Looking for a class time? Check out our Weekly Fitness Schedule!
Group exercise classes are held every day of the week.

Beginning Classes
Silver Streaks Gentle exercise incorporating an active warm-up, chair and standing work, stretching and strengthening to promote flexible joints, stronger muscles, and healthier backs. Special rehabilitative exercise are included to enhance balance.
20-20-20 This is a contemporary, cutting-edge variable class format consisting of 20 minutes of non-impact aerobics, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of functional and static stretching.
Beginning / Intermediate Classes
Low Impact Enjoy a fun class that is easy for beginners and challenging for the tried and true exerciser. Low impact aerobics will boost your energy level, burn calories, reduce stress, and get you in shape. No experience (or spandex) necessary!
Hip Hop Smooth our your groove with easy to learn contemporary hip hop moves. All teens welcome.
Zumba Gold Specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and international dance rhythms created in the original Zumba and bring them to the active older adults, beginner participants and other special populations that may need modifications for success.
Time of Your Life (Boomer Fitness) A brilliant mix of floor cardio, cardio-strength, muscular endurance, core training, yoga, Pilates, & balance work. Designed specifically for Baby Boomers!
Intermediate Classes 
Ab Fab Includes 20 minutes of intense abdominal strengthening exercises giving you a stronger, leaner core.

A high energy combination of Latin/Reggae and Salsa dance steps that is sure to rock your socks off! Join our certified Zumba instructors for the funnest class on the planet. No previous dance experience necessary!

Cardio Camp

Straightforward intense floor aerobics followed by abdominal and flexibility work. A great way to start your weekend!

Intermediate / Advanced Classes 
Burn 'n' Firm

Get your sweat on in this intense fat-burning, muscle-firming workout! Combine cardio and weight training to become fit inside and out.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Break out with this creative hi-low aerobic class designed around easy to learn dance moves! Enjoy super body-sculpting moves with weights, bands, and plenty of abdominal training to firm and shape your body!

Circuit City

Box, pump, and jam your way through different workout stations in this awesome circuit training class. Circuit training has been shown to burn more calories & firm-up muscles fast!

Advanced Classes
Body Buff Tough, straightforward muscle work for lean muscle definition and better body confidence. Uses a variety of strength training devices and philosophies. A diverse, sweatin’ good time.
Body Blitz Nothing burns calories and gets you fit fast like interval training!! This class features alternating cardio bursts and super strength training intervals with a cool Pilates flavor, all focusing on the step!!
Boot Camp Boot camp offers you the benefits of a basic training cardio workout, and top gun full-body weight training! Finish up with a world-class abdominal session and soothing head to toe stretch.
Heavy Metal

This fun new format uses kettle bells- the secret weapon of Olympic athletes to shape-up quickly- now available in this class setting!

Morning Blast

This fast-paced, ever-changing mix of strength + cardio exercises keeps muscles guessing and minds from becoming bored. This class uses a variety of formats and equipment! Let this class be your first stop in your journey of daily accomplishments!

Super Fit This advanced level class utilizes the best of Tabata and HIIT training under the supervision of highly skilled professional trainers certified by internationally accredited associations. This is the high intensity interval training you've heard about made safer and more effective through application of sound, proven principles of exercise science.
Triple Threat A jam packed class that challenges you in several ways, You will use a variety of equipment to build strength and cardiovascular stamina through both traditional and functional training methods. the workout will never be the same, so this class will keep you on your toes, keeping the mind and body equally engaged, A great way to finish off your day!
Mind & Body Classes
Pilates Method Pilates exercises have long been renowned for producing long, lean physiques. Exercises focus on the body’s core muscles (abs and back) and are gentle in nature.
Pilates Method Level 2 The next step up from Pilates Method. learn and practice intermediate level exercises.
Yoga Enjoy a renewed sense of balance and calm in a mixed-level yoga session. Improve your health, tone your muscles, and strengthen your bones. You don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel to do yoga – yoga is for everyone!
Power Yoga Start your day in a powerful way with this challenging yet regenerative Astanga-style yoga class.
Prenatal Yoga Connect your breath to relaxation in preparation for labor, delivery, and parenting. Focus on hip-opening and pelvic floor exercises.
Tai Chi for Health This particular form has been shown to be helpful to participants with arthritis. Tai Chi also has been shown to be effective in improving diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, fibromyalgia, and heart function. It consists of slow, gentle movements and includes warm-up exercises to improve balance and flexibility, and to strengthen core and legs.
Global Grooves

Have fun and get a great workout dancing around the globe! West meets East! Global Grooves is for any size or age! We do a lot of isolation exercises with focus on strength and grace. Although the class is structured, you will learn how to improvise your dance to truly let your inhabitions go and have fun!

Gentle Tai Chi for better balance

Warm-up exercises and Tai Chi movements to strengthen legs, improve balance, and become more aware of stable postures.

S.L.E.E.K. Barre


S.L.E.E.K. (Supple,Lean,Elongated,Energized,Kinetic) Barre Workout is a total body workout promoting toned and sculpted muscles, beautiful posture, core stability, alignment, balance, fluid movement, and vitality. Set to lovely classical music, incorporating the ballet barre, and combining various disciplines including dance,Pilates, and traditional strength/calisthenics exercises, this fun class will benefit people of every age and ability!

Power Barre

Add the benefits of barre exercise to total body strength training and what do you get? A complete workout that's targeted to give you your best body ever! We will be combining the most effective movement sequences from dance, Pilates, body weight calisthenics, and resistance training using weights, balls, and bands to promote thorough muscle balance, endurance, and strength. This remarkably adaptable exercise system suits all fitness levels!

Gentle Yoga

Wrap up your busy week with this light, relaxing yoga experience! This class focuses on deep breathing techniques and soft muscle conditioning.