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Tree Benefit TagTREE$ COUNT

Do you want a return on an investment? Invest in planting a tree! In Portland, for every dollar spent an estimated $3.80 worth of benefits are returned. To help kick off Portland’s Arbor Month (April 1-30, 2014), Portland Parks & Recreation is showing citizens just how much trees pay us back by identifying the dollar amount of benefits trees provide. Large "price" tags were installed by the Urban Forestry Crew in elm trees at Chapman Square  (SW Main St.and SW 4th Ave.). The benefit tags are reusable and made from a light weight, weather proof rigid vinyl. 

It’s our goal to make people look differently at trees. Not just see a tree but to see all the ways it benefits us.  The tags will be taken down Monday, April 1st after the Free Bucket Truck Rides. They will return in the South Park Blocks between SW Montgomery and SW Harrison for the Arbor Day Festival on April 26!

How were the prices calculated?

The prices were calculated using the Western Washington and Oregon Community Tree Guide and i-Tree Design, a part of the peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service.

What benefits do the prices include?

The benefit estimates aesthetic and environmental benefits from decreasing stormwater runoff, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide, and improving air quality.  For more information visit

Has there ever been an assessment of Portland’s tree canopy?

Yes, Portland’s Urban Forest Canopy Assessment and Public Tree Evaluation 2007, and Tree Canopy Monitoring 2012.

How can I learn more about the benefits of Urban Trees?

Check out these articles:

What are the benefits of trees?

  • Trees Reduce Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide                                     
    • Sequestering carbon
    • Reducing the heating & air conditioning demands of nearby buildings
  • Trees Decrease Stormwater Runoff
    • Intercepting rain on leaves, branches & bark
    • Increasing infiltration through the tree’s root system
    • Reducing soil erosion
  • Trees Make Us Happy Arborists
    • Beautifying the built landscape
    • Increasing resale values
  • Trees Improve Our Air Quality
    • Absorbing pollutants
    • Intercepting particulate matter
    • Releasing oxygen
    • Lowering air temperatures
    • Reducing energy demand

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Photo: Urban Forestry Arborists Rory Cramer and Mike

Ellison use the bucket truck to put up the benefit tags.