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Ladybug Walk

Grant Park

Friday, October 25 2013, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM




Adults: Take a nature walk with your child (ages 2-5)!


Event Types > Training & Education > Field Trip/Tour


What is a Ladybug Walk?

Great question! Our trained Preschool Naturalists take children ages 2-5 (or so) on Ladybug Walks to give them the opportunity to explore a local park or natural area in a developmentally appropriate way. Children wear a Ladybug Backpack which contains a few tools that make the walk more engaging. During Ladybug Walks, we hope to introduce adults to some simple, useful tactics for nature exploration with children in the future. We often hold worms, dig in the soil, smell leaves and touch slugs!  


What if I want to bring my group or preschool class?

We kindly ask that you call us to schedule a private Ladybug Walk: 503-823-3601


Do I need to register?
No! Please show up at the designated park. Meeting locations are listed on the brochure. Please call 503-823-1149 if you are lost.


What’s the cost?
$4 for each participating child


Are Ladybug Walks ever cancelled?
No! Please dress for the weather! We are always out and love getting kids used to all types of weather.


Where can I see the schedule?
We are at in a different park each week! You may view the schedule in the online brochure.

Where to meet this week:
Grant Park: Meet at NE 36th & Brazee. Bus #10.  Route is accessible to strollers. Restrooms available.

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