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What are the benefits of the new tree code?

Improved customer service 

Two new staff members will be trained as single points of contact to be able to answer all questions related to trees in the city. Staff will be situated downtown in the Development Services Center, so permit applications can be submitted downtown and fees can be paid via card in person. Staff will be able to issue some permits without an on-site inspection, reducing the amount of time it takes to get a permit.

There will also be a new website, Portland Trees (, which will be a one-stop-shop for all the information you will need about anything tree-related in the city, such as tree permit requirements, information on the benefits of trees, and urban forest volunteer opportunities.

Equitable regulations

Tree cutting regulations that used to apply to only some properties now apply across all properties, preserving canopy and the benefits of trees more equally throughout the city.

More transparency 

Permit process and requirements will be described in detail online so it will be easy to learn if a permit is required, how to apply for a permit, and how long it will take to get the permit.

Preserved and enhanced tree canopy 

The estimated benefits to the urban forest of the new tree code are:

  • Private tree permits: 1 to 2 acres of canopy preserved per year, 6 to 30 acres of canopy planted each year and established over time
  • Tree preservation and density standards with development: 44 to 88 acres of canopy preserved per year, 48 to 96 acres of trees planted with canopy targets being met over time
  • Land Use Reviews: Better trees preserved on 270 sites per year, 7 to 22 additional acres of canopy preserved per year.