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Diving Level 4

Students must be able to front dive unassisted and be at least a Sea Lion level swimmer. Offered only at Matt Dishman Pool.

Prerequisite - must have completed Diving 3

  • Warmup Exercises

  • Review Level 3: 3-Step Hurdle Front Jumps, Front Dive Tuck or Pike

  • Review Level 2: Rear Approach Jumps & Back Dive Layout

  • 4-Step Approach with Hurdle Jumps: Arms Down and Handgrab

    • Front Jump: Layout, Pike, Tuck to Arms Down

    • Front Jump: Layout, Pike, Tuck to Handgrab

  • Front Dive Review & New

    • 1-Step Approach to Front Dive: Tuck, Pike

    • 4-Step Approach to Front Dive: Tuck, Pike

  • Land Drills, Followed by In-water (front glide) Drills

    • Front Somersault: Tuck (and Open Pike)

    • Back Dive: Tuck position

    • Inward Dive: Tuck and Pike

    • Falling Front Somersault: Pike, from side of pool

  • Forward Somersualt Tuck Postion from 1-Meter Board

    • 1-Step Hurdle to Forward Somersault: Tuck position

    • 4-Step Hurdle to Forward Somersault: Open Pike

  • Back Dive Tuck Position

    • Land Drills, In-Water Drills, Back Dive Tuck from 1-meter board

  • Inward Dive Tuck (& later Pike)

    • Land Drills, Water Drills, Inward Dive Tuck from 1 meter

Advancement Skills/Performance Standards

  • 4-Step Approach with Hurdle Jumps: Arms Down and Handgrab Entries; Tuck, Pike, Layout from 1-meter board

  • 4-Step Approach with Hurdle Front Dive: Tuck or Pike Position

  • Back Dive, Layout: From 1-meter board

  • Forward Somersault: Tuck or Pike position from 1-meter board

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