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Portland Housing Bureau

Solving the unmet housing needs of the people of Portland.

Phone: 503-823-2375

fax: 503-823-2387

421 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204

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Builder Application & Requirements

As of December 18, 2013, the HOLTE program has reached the 100 application cap for the 2013-14 fiscal year. Therefore PHB is not accepting new builder applications at this time. PHB will be able to approve applications again when the next fiscal year begins July 1, 2014.


Builder must apply to the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) for the HOLTE program prior to building permit issuance. PHB will approve no more than 100 new applications each fiscal year (July 1–June 30). Builders applying for the program agree to build high quality homes which contribute to the livability of the surrounding area, register with a green building certification agency, and to partner with PHB to assure that communities of color are aware of properties for sale with exemptions and report on and pursue MWESB contracting opportunities.

Annual cap*: PHB will approve no more than 100 new applications each fiscal year (July 1–June 30). Applications shall be exempt from the annual cap of 100 approvals if the home being built is (1) subject to an affordable housing covenant as defined in ORS 456.270; and (2) affordable to a homebuyer whose household income does not exceed 80% of the Median Family Income (MFI).

Time frame: Property owners must apply for the exemption by submitting a completed HOLTE Builder Application to PHB prior to building permit issuance. PHB requires a minimum of 10 business days to review and process applications.

Application fee: Applicant must submit completed application, any supporting documentation, and an application fee (determined annually by PHB, including any amount set by Multnomah County--currently $550) prior to building permit issuance.

URA approval: For properties located in Urban Renewal Areas (URA), PHB will contact Portland Development Commission (PDC) for approval prior to approval of the application.

Equity goals: Applicant shall acknowledge awareness and understanding of PHB’s Guiding Principles on Equity and Social Justice and Strategic Priority of Helping Portlanders from Communities of Color buy a home, and agree to partner with PHB to assure that communities of color are aware of properties for sale with exemptions.

MWESB contracting: Applicant shall acknowledge familiarity with PHB’s Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB) guidelines and contracting opportunity goals, report on past contracting relationships, and contracting opportunities to be created in the construction of the property.

Agreement: Prior to approval, applicants must execute a document to be recorded on title to the property requiring PHB verification of homebuyer affordability and owner-occupancy qualification prior to the sale of the property to the initial homebuyer.

Transfer of title prior to initial sale: Any transfer of title to another owner (i.e., builder, developer or financial institution) prior to sale to the initial buyer, requires a HOLTE Subsequent Application to be submitted to PHB for approval. The exemption can continue as long as all other terms of the program are met.


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