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Trespass Authorization Program

The purpose of the Portland Police Bureau Trespass Authorization Program is to allow property owners or managers to authorize Portland Police Officers to enter onto their property for the purpose of enforcing trespass laws against individuals who are trespassing on the property when no responsible party is on site. Individuals who are found by Police Officers to be on your property without authorization will either be arrested for Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree or told to leave the property and not to return. If the Police Officer arrests the individual for trespassing, the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office may file criminal charges against the arrested individual(s).

To initiate the program, the property owner, manager or lessee, must submit the attached document titled "Trespass Enforcement Agreement." The form must be signed and dated. Incomplete and/or illegible forms might not be processed. Describe the location as best as possible, also including what the property consists of, such as the number and type of buildings or structures on the property, types of open areas, number of entrances, parking areas, etc. The location MUST have an actual address. If it does not, please contact the program coordinator for more information.

Decide whether you or someone else will be available to come to court to testify if necessary. Write the full name, mailing address and phone number in the appropriate blanks on the form for the person who should receive the subpoenas for any court appearance that may result from any arrest made on the property. The extent of the testimony would be limited to testifying that you gave permission to the Portland Police Bureau to enforce trespass laws on the property and that the person charged was not authorized to be on the property.  

Post "No Trespassing" signs in prominent locations on the property. Remember that Trespass Agreements are non-transferable. When the owner, manager, or other property information changes, a new form must be submitted. Otherwise, the Trespass Agreement should be renewed/updated every two years.


Completed forms can be faxed to (503) 823-0096 or mailed to:

Trespass Agreements
1111 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97204.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please talk to your Neighborhood Response Officer or call the Trespass Agreement Coordinator at (503) 823-0598.

Multiple Locations

Add up to 5 Locations with this single Trespass Agreement Form.

Single Location

Trespass Agreement Form