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Donate to GirlStrength

Donating to the GirlStrength or WomenStrength Program


Thank you for your interest in donating to the WomenStrength and GirlStrength programs!

Your donation is tax- deductable to the extent allowed by law. Please check with your tax advisor if you have any questions about the deductibility of your donation.


Why should I make a donation to GirlStrength or WomenStrength?

GirlStrength and WomenStrength  volunteer instructors must complete 128 hours of training to become qualified to teach girls and women holistic self-defense skills.  When they complete this training,  they obtain instructor status. The expectation is that they will be required to  teach full-time for one year - 100 hours! Many of our volunteers continue to teach and have been teaching for over five years.   In many ways, volunteering for GirlStrength or  WomenStrength  is  similar to a paid position. Volunteer instructors must be reliable, responsible and exceptional role models for women and girls,  which is why it is imperative for these programs to provide incentives and show volunteer appreciation.

Our volunteers are dedicated to  reducing violence in our communities and empowering girls and women to be strong and confident.  Since 2008, GirlStrength instructors have  trained and educated girls approximately 4,500 girls, ages 10-17,  in topics related to  self-defense and violence prevention.  Since 1979, WomenStrength instructors have  provided free self-defense classes to approximately 30,000 women and teenage girls, and personal safety workshops to over 100,000 women and men.

All donations are used to support  the training, maintenance and longevity of our volunteer instructors.


How do I make a donation?

It’s easy! You can two ways, by check or credit card.


How to make a check donation

To make a check donation, please make your check  payable to the City of Portland and attach it to this form.  Be sure to state the preferred program for your donation.    Please mail your check and the donation form  to the address below:  



Family Services Division

Portland Police Bureau

10225 East Burnside

Portland, OR 97233


How to donate using your credit or debit card

 If you would like to donate using your  credit or debit card please contact the appropriate program to arrange payment, or complete this  form and  mail it to the address above.

GirlStrength                                                                                  WomenStrength                                                           

Telephone:  (503) 823-5266                                                      Telephone: (503) 823-0262

Email:                           Email:



Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding  donating to either GirlStrength or WomenStrength.