Public Alert: Scammers Calling Portland Residents Claiming to be IRS

September 16, 2014 14:10

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

The Portland Police Bureau has received two recent reports where victims stated that someone claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called them and demanded money for back taxes.

In one incident in late August, the victim received a voice mail from someone claiming to be from the "Tax Fraud Department" of the IRS. The caller claimed that the victim owed money to the IRS and if they did not pay, the County Sheriff would make an arrest. The victim did not call the number back and did not lose any money.

In another incident in early September, the victim reported a similar call from a "Federal Crimes Investigator" from the IRS, claiming that the victim owed money from back taxes and that if she did not pay, police would respond and take the victim to jail.


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