Police Bureau Seeks Public's Input on Directives (Photo)

September 01, 2015 09:05


The Portland Police Bureau directs member action through the establishment of policy, procedure, and rule, as found within Directives. The Bureau is in the process of reviewing all of its Directives. At the beginning of the month the Bureau will post Directives for public review and ask for comments.

Currently, the Bureau is asking for the community's feedback regarding the following Directives:

* 630.23, Reserve Officer Program
* 630.25, Cadet Program
* 640.12, Uniform Member Follow Up
* 640.35, Abuse of Elderly/Persons with Disabilities
* 825.00, Domestic Violence, Arrests, and Restraining Orders
* 825.10, Member Involved Domestic Violence
* 860.10, Traffic Citations and Arrests
* 1230.20, Parking of Bureau Vehicles
* 1245.00, Vehicles, Of

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