UPDATE:Portland Police SERT Responding to North Portland Disturbance

UPDATE:Portland Police SERT Responding to North Portland Disturbance

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October 30, 2011 08:32


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The Portland Police Bureau has reopened neighborhood traffic after this morning's SERT call to a disturbance involving shots fired. Crisis Negotiators were able to determine that there had been a domestic argument in the house earlier that resulted in the women and children of the house to leave and go to a safe location. Negotiators were also able to determine that nobody was injured during the disturbance.

Members of SERT could see a man inside the residence either asleep or passed out. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to wake the man through phone calls and loud hailing, the decision was made to leave the area and for police to follow-up at a different time.



The Portland Police Bureau's Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) and Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) are responding to a situation in North Portland where a disturbance and several gunshots were heard inside a residence in the 9500 block of North Lombard Street.

Officers were originally dispatched to the residence at 2:28 a.m. regarding a disturbance inside the house where several gunshots were fired. It is not known if there are any gunshot victims in the residence.

North Lombard Street is closed to all traffic (vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles) from North Trumbull Avenue to North St. Johns Avenue.

Interested media should stage at North Lombard Street and Trumbull Avenue.

PIO is not responding at this time.

Additional information will be released when it becomes available.


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