Portland Police Release New Information About Ndamukong Suh Traffic Crash

Portland Police Release New Information About Ndamukong Suh Traffic Crash

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December 05, 2011 16:15


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On Sunday December 4, 2011, Portland Police officers assigned to Central Precinct contact two women who claim to have been injured in a vehicle driven by Ndamukong Suh early Saturday morning. According to both women, they got out of the vehicle before police arrived and left the area to avoid the large crowd that was taking photographs of the crash and Mr. Suh. The women called for a ride and left the area to get medical treatment.

Both women state that they did not see a taxi blocking the road and that Suh was driving "too fast" before the crash.

According to the first police report, Suh told police that he was driving his vehicle southbound on 3rd Avenue crossing West Burnside when he tried to go around a stopped taxi. Suh state that he lost control of his car and the back end spun out, coming to rest on the southwest corner of 3rd and Burnside after hitting the curb, tree, water fountain, and light pole.

No citations were issued and despite the new information, the Portland Police Bureau will not be investigating the crash as it does not meet the Police Bureau's investigation criteria which include crashes involving intoxicated drivers, traumatic injuries, or vulnerable road users.

At the time of the crash, neither woman spoke to police and nobody in the area reported to police anything about Suh's driving.

To obtain a copy of the police report, email the Records Division at: PoliceBureau.Correspondence@PortlandOregon.gov and make a Public Records Request for Case #11-104451. Applicable fees will apply.


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