Portland Police Updates to May Day Arrests and Activities

Portland Police Updates to May Day Arrests and Activities

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Portland Police Badge

May 01, 2012 13:45


The Portland Police Bureau would like to update the community on events that have occurred today in conjunction with "May Day" demonstrations.

An unpermitted march left Waterfront Park at approximately 12:00 p.m. and almost immediately some demonstrators began walking into the streets and into traffic. Some members of the march were very confrontational with police officers and there were several arrests at Southwest 1st Avenue and Pine Street and Southwest 4th Avenue and Stark Street.

The march continued onto Southwest Broadway and additional arrests were made at Broadway and Salmon Street. At this point, the march continues to move around the Downtown core and many members of the march have been very confrontational.

At this point an estimated 12 arrests have been made related to charges of Interfering with a Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct.

Officers are continuing to monitor the unpermitted march and will take enforcement action as necessary.

Earlier Tuesday Morning, two banks reported vandalism to police. The Wells Fargo branch located at 3782 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard reported vandalism to an ATM and the US Bank branch located at 321 Southwest 6th Avenue reported glass doors broken. Additional vandalism reports are coming in at this time.

There is a permitted event scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. in the South Park Blocks. Organizers have described the event as a family-friendly permitted rally and march to celebrate International Workers Day. People will gather in the South Park blocks:

* 2:00 pm Tabling begins for community groups

* 3:30 pm Permitted Rally begins

* 4:30 pm Permitted March begins

* 6:30 pm March returns to South Park Blocks

Available information suggests that there will be other non-affiliated groups that may engage in direct action both before and after the permitted May Day event. The Portland Police Bureau has expressed concerns to organizers about unaffiliated groups attempting to disrupt the permitted event and engaging in illegal behavior.

As sworn public safety officials, the men and women of the Police Bureau are charged with upholding the law and protecting the safety and rights of all Portlanders. Those who willingly commit illegal acts must be aware of the consequences of those actions, which include requests to cease illegal activity, citations, or arrests.

The permitted event provides for a coordinated set of guidelines. These guidelines will spell out the route and authorizes event participants to be in the street lawfully, and are designed to ensure the safe flow of all traffic in the downtown core. Experience has show that obtaining a permit makes the event more collaborative which increases the overall success and enjoyment of the event.

The Portland Police Bureau is committed to allowing participants to express their free speech rights. Our overall objective is to take all appropriate action to help make this event happen in a way that is safe for participants and the general public alike.

The Police Bureau is asking for the community's patience and understanding as there may be disruptions to vehicle, pedestrian and TriMet traffic in the downtown core during the duration of the events.

The Portland Police Bureau will continue to provide updates as they are available.



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