Statement from Acting Chief of Police Larry O'Dea regarding Officer's Conduct

Statement from Acting Chief of Police Larry O'Dea regarding Officer's Conduct

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

August 02, 2012 15:15


Last week a witness to an armed robbery told local media outlets that an officer would not respond to assist when requested. When the Police Bureau became aware of this allegation, we immediately opened an Internal Affairs investigation. Shortly following those reports, the involved officer came forward.

The Internal Affairs investigation is proceeding. The Police Bureau will not be releasing the name of the officer because this is an administrative personnel matter.

However, it is important for Bureau members and our community to understand my expectations of officers. When a community member asks for our help, especially in dangerous situations, I expect Portland Police Officers to do all they can to help. I am certain this is a community expectation as well. Our officers do this every day as we have hard-working, dedicated people who are police officers because they want to help. I am sorry that this did not happen in this case and the Internal Affairs investigation will determine why.

The Police Bureau is taking this matter seriously, as it does all complaints. I want to thank the involved witness who came forward so the Police Bureau can effectively review this incident.

We are committed to providing community members the best police service possible.


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