Portland Police Continue Investigation into Tragic Death of 11-Year-Old Girl

November 14, 2012 13:58


The Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division is continuing its investigation into the tragic death of 11-year-old Angie Hernandez in September 2012.

Investigators have interviewed nearly everyone that was on the bus and there is no information that anyone on the bus pulled on one of the red emergency release handles for the window.

Investigators have determined that the driver of the bus was not impaired.

During the investigation, officers are reviewing whether Portland City Codes 16.40.090 (City Driver Permits), 16.40.130 (Company Permits), and 16.40.190 (Individual Vehicle Permits) have been violated.

As part of this investigation, investigators from the Portland Police Bureau and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) did separate inspections of the bus and found that there were safety violations. This information will be presented as part of the case to the Multnomah District Attorney's Office.

Substantial parts of the investigation have been forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for its consideration and the matter may be presented to a Multnomah County grand jury at some, as yet, undetermined time.

Any grand jury presentation would determine whether there are any criminal violations in this case that warrant criminal charges. Any grand jury investigation will not reach conclusion on non-criminal violations or on possible issues of federal law.

This tragic incident has had a profound effect on Miss Hernandez' family and friends and they ask for privacy at this time as the investigation continues.


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