30 North Portland Kids Will 'Shop With A Cop' on Monday Morning

30 North Portland Kids Will 'Shop With A Cop' on Monday Morning

December 02, 2012 23:14


The Portland Police Bureau, including officers assigned to the New Columbia Detail, in collaboration with Target will conduct a "Shop with a Cop" event on Monday December 3, 2012 at 7:00 a.m. at the new Jantzen Beach Target, located at 1555 North Tomahawk Island Drive.

Target has generously donated $1,500.00 for the event and media is invited to attend.

The event will award 30 youth (ages 4-13) from the St. John's Woods Apartments, located at 8652 North Swift Way, who have successfully participated in two incentive programs events. The incentive program was devised by the police officers assigned to the New Columbia Detail which focuses on the youth from the St. John's Woods and provided ways for them to give back to their community for a small reward.

Last spring for eight weeks, these kids actively cleaned their property by picking up discarded trash, cleaned play structures, and provided art work for the complex.

These youth have also recognized that the holidays can be a tough time for some families in their community. The youth participants have assisted in gathering names of families in need for food in their community.

Officers from the New Columbia Detail and the youth will pack food at the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division and deliver the food baskets to these families in need.

The implementation of this program has sparked adult participation. A local church has adopted the St. John's Woods and, with assistance from the St. John's Woods adults, has conducted three successful summer events (BBQ nigh, spaghetti night, etc.).

The City of Portland, with assistance from Antionette Edwards and Tom Peavey, have work tirelessly to provided funding for the St. John's Woods to continue this progression into making the St. John's Woods a model community in North Portland.


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