Cold Case Homicide Unit Launches 2nd Edition of Cold Case Playing Cards in Partnership with Plaid Pantry and Crime Stoppers of Oregon

July 24, 2013 11:20


The Portland Police Bureau's Cold Case Homicide Unit would like to announce that a second edition of cold case homicide playing cards have been produced and will soon be distributed throughout various correctional facilities. Additionally, for the first time, the cards will be available for purchase by the public at all Plaid Pantry stores.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit introduced the cold case playing card program in 2009 as a new and innovative way to solve cold case homicides.

Modeled after a project developed by the US Army in Iraq in 2003, cold case playing cards feature photographs and information about unsolved homicides and missing person cases.

Since the program's inception, the Cold Case Unit has distributed thousands of playing cards to county jails, state penitentiaries, and federal prisons across Oregon.

The 1993 murder of Kimberly Dunkin was solved in part because of a tip given to police because her case was featured in the first edition of playing cards.

In partnership with Effective Playing Cards, Crime Stoppers of Oregon, and Plaid Pantry, the Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit has produced its 2nd Edition of cold case playing cards with the hopes of gathering tips from the public and increasing community awareness about these unsolved cases.

The 2nd edition features 40 cases not previously profiled, including these three:

On December 21, 1985, 40-year-old Albert Clyde Frakes was found deceased on the floor of A.C. Frakes Motors auto dealership at 7062 Northeast Union Avenue (now Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). Albert had been bound, robbed and shot multiple times. Albert was an adored father of three children.

On June 27, 1994, 39-year-old Lavell Clayton Thomas was seen walking with two unknown suspects in the area of Southwest 2nd Avenue and West Burnside Street towards Southwest Ankeny Street. Shortly thereafter, he staggered around the corner into traffic on Burnside and collapsed to death after being stabbed.

On July 25, 1993, 45-year-old Thang Thi Nguyen was working at her small video store, located at 1403 Southeast Belmont Street. Gunshots were heard and an area resident went to investigate. Thang was discovered lying on the sidewalk in front of the video store, bleeding and barely conscious. Thang had been shot multiple times and died from her injuries.

All of the cases and cards in this deck can be found by visiting

The cold case playing cards feature unsolved cases being investigated by the Portland Police Bureau, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

This is a non-profit program, and all proceeds generated from the sale of the cold case playing cards are utilized for the further production and distribution of cards.

With the combined participation of Effective Playing Cards, Crime Stoppers of Oregon, and Plaid Pantry, the Cold Case Homicide Unit will continue to receive the attention and resources which enables them to bring justice to the victims and answers to the family and friends that have waited many years, and in some cases, decades for resolution.

The Cold Case Homicide Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and three Detectives who are assisted by several retired investigators who volunteer their time to help review the nearly 300 unsolved murders in the City of Portland.

The Cold Case Homicide Unit has a close partnership with the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office and the Oregon State Police Crime Lab.

The Cold Case Homicide Unit's slogan is: "We don't give up. We never give up."



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