Portland Police Bureau Surpasses Two Major Social Media Milestones

Portland Police Bureau Surpasses Two Major Social Media Milestones

December 13, 2013 22:47


Today, Friday December 13, 2013, the Portland Police Bureau reached two social media milestones. The Police Bureau now has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter and more than 10,000 followers on Facebook.

The Police Bureau's YouTube page has nearly 1,800 subscribers and one of the videos, "DASH CAM VIDEO: Police Pursuit," has nearly 3 million views and was featured on worldwide media: http://youtu.be/rEhYBkggftk

The Police Bureau's active presence on social media is an opportunity to connect directly with members of the community and provide unfiltered public safety information out to thousands of people instantly.

On April 25, 2013, MPH Programs List.com ranked the Portland Police Bureau as the #3 most social media friendly police agency in America's largest cities. Portland trailed only the Dallas Police Department and the Boston Police Department on the list of 100 agencies.

The full article and list is available at http://mphprogramslist.com/50-most-social-media-friendly-police-departments/

MPH Programs List.com is a free resource for students interested in graduate public health, public administration, public policy and health administration programs.

Community members can connect with the Portland Police Bureau in a variety of ways on social media:


The Portland Police Bureau is committed to the continual growth of our social media profile and connecting directly with members of the community.



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