UPDATE #1: Central Precinct and Youth Services officers provide additional patrols in the area of Wilson High School

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

March 13, 2014 15:30


The original message incorrectly said this incident occurred, Wednesday March 13, 2014. I should have read Thursday, March 13, 2014.

We apologize for the error.



This morning, Wednesday March 13, 2014, at approximately 8:00 a.m., Central Precinct officers responded to a report of a white male associated with a white or light green van approaching a student walking to Wilson High School.

The school has notified parents and the Police Bureau wants to make sure the public knows they are aware of the incident. Additionally, Central Precinct and Youth Service Division will be in the area providing an enhanced presence.

The Portland Police Bureau would like to remind community members that stranger-to-stranger sexual assaults are fortunately a rare occurrence and the Bureau makes every attempt to share this information as soon as practicable. This is also a good reminder to parents about talking to kids about not approaching any unknown vehicle for any reason (e.g.: someone asking for directions or talking about looking for a lost pet), as well as other safety precautions.

The Portland Police Bureau works with the Sexual Assault Resource Center of Oregon (SARC) and we want you to know that you need not be alone as a survivor of a sexual assault. SARC has a 24-hour support line at (503) 640-5311.

Additionally, the Portland Police Bureau WomenStrength and GirlStrength programs provide free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area. To learn more information about WomenStrength and GirlStrength, call (503) 823-0260 or visit http://www.portlandonline.com/police/womenstrength.



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