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PPB prepares for local events during inauguration

January 18, 2005 00:00



The Portland Police Bureau is currently preparing for several events scheduled for Downtown Portland during this week’s inauguration of President George W. Bush. During the past few weeks, members of the Portland Police Bureau’s Command Staff have met with individuals and groups who are organizing permitted events on Thursday, January 20, 2005. The Police Bureau is also expecting non-permitted or impromptu events may occur throughout the day.

The mission of the Portland Police Bureau is:

1. To ensure the safety and security of all citizens regardless of whether or not they are involved in an event or protest. 2. To ensure citizens can peacefully assemble and express their views. 3. To protect life and property of citizens not directly involved in any events and continue to respond to normal calls for service. 4. To allow all citizens free access to Portland’s streets and thoroughfares.

The Police Bureau is prepared to take the steps needed complete our stated mission and is making every effort to provide a safe environment for all citizens to exercise their constitutional rights regardless of their political affiliation. The Bureau welcomes the opportunity to meet with community members prior to January 20, 2005, in the hope of working together to plan lawful demonstrations or marches.

“We are pleased with the outreach that has been done in preparation for this day,” says Chief Derrick Foxworth. “Members of the Portland Police Bureau have met with a number of organizers in an effort to ensure good communication and coordination. We are prepared to do everything possible to make sure these events are peaceful and safe. However, we also realize that there will be others who will be on hand who intend to disrupt these peaceful events. We will also be prepared to respond to those incidents to ensure the safety, security, and rights of all citizens.”

Chief Foxworth also wants to get the word out that there may be some traffic delays in downtown on Thursday. “The Police Bureau will make every effort to minimize traffic disruptions, however, minor delays, including momentary street closures, can be expected during the morning and evening commute.”


These suggested alternate routes would apply to Downtown traffic after 4:00 PM. -For Northbound Traffic- Southwest 10th Avenue, Southwest 4th Avenue, and Southwest Naito Parkway. -For Southbound Traffic- Southwest Naito Parkway or Southbound surface streets West of Southwest Broadway. -For Eastbound Traffic- Eastbound Burnside (before 4:30 PM or after 5:00 PM) or Southwest Market to Southwest Naito Parkway and freeway access. -For Westbound traffic- Southwest Clay will be open and all streets West of Southwest Broadway will not be restricted by the permitted marches. The Traffic Division does expect intermittent closures on both the Hawthorne and Morrison Bridges after 4:30 PM. The Steele Bridge, Burnside Bridge, and the Ross Island Bridge are suggested Eastbound routes from the Downtown core area.



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