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RDPO Key Organizational Changes in early 2014

April 2014 organizational chart highlights leadership changes and emerging work groups for RDPO


The new year in 2014 brought about key organizational change to RDPO. Highlights include:

  • REMTEC officially became the emergency management work group of the RDPO, with the Citizen Corps WG, WebEOC RUG and the Resource Management Committee all transitioning to standing committees of REMTEC
  • The Animal MACG and the NW Hospitals EM Group became voting members of the Program Committee
  • Both the Program and Steering Committees transitioned to new leaders: Bob Cozzie, C-COM Director, is the new Steering Committee Chair; Joe Rizzi, Director of Multnomah County, is the new Steering Committee Vice Chair. Sherwood Police Captain Mark Daniel is the new Program Committee Chair; and Sue Mohnkern, Washington County Public Health Preparedness Program Supervisor, is the new Program Committee Vice Chair.
  • Portland Commissioner Steve Novick became the Policy Committee Vice Chair. Columbia County Commissioner, Tony Hyde remained the PC Chair.
  • The MACS ConOps Task Force has moved from falling under the Program Committee's oversight to that of the Steering Committee as the plan nears completion and several important steps unfold, including obtaining approval from each of the five RDPO counties and forming/standing up/training the RMAC Group and Support Organization. 
Click to see the new RDPO 2014 Organizational Chart.

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