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Office of Management & Finance

Revenue Bureau

Phone: 503-823-5157

Arts Tax: 503-865-4278

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201

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Staff Directory

Revenue Bureau Staff Directory

111 SW Columbia Street, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201
General Line: 503-823-5157 ~ Fax: 503-823-5192
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Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm (closed most holidays)
Revised: 12/06/2013

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Division/Position Name Phone Number
Director Thomas W. Lannom 503-823-5154
Senior Management Analyst  Jen McFarland 503-823-2593
Audit & Accounting Division   
Audit & Accounting Division Manager  Scott Karter 503-865-2470
Administrative Assistant Meghann Fertal 503-865-2454
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Budgeting, Accounting & Liens   
Senior Financial Analyst  Janice Hammond Getten 503-865-2491 
Accountant III  Diana Marshall  503-865-2493 
Accountant II  Dewey Meazell 503-823-3574 
Customer Account Specialist I  Sherree Matias 503-865-2492 
Customer Account Specialist I  Iona McJunkin 503-865-2494 
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Senior Revenue Auditor Rhonda Etherly  503-865-2861 
Senior Revenue Auditor  Karen Obana  503-865-2472 
Senior Revenue Auditor  Mary Pinero  503-865-2473 
Revenue Auditor  Din Belderrain 503-865-2476
Revenue Auditor Christine Croskey 503-865-2471
Revenue Auditor Anthony Glenn 503-865-2461
Revenue Auditor Randy Gernhart 503-865-2460
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Tax Division   
Tax Division Manager and Deputy Director Terri Williams 503-865-2469 
Business License Tax & Multnomah County Business Income Tax  
Tax Supervisor  Scott Ellertson  503-865-2450 
Revenue & Tax Specialist V  Leroy Creel 503-865-2462 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Angie Abudakar 503-865-2467 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Linda Boyle 503-865-2457 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Gary Baldwin  503-865-2456 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Louisa Young 503-865-2474 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Ivy Wong 503-865-2459 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Colin Steeves 503-865-2810
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Wendy Farrier 503-865-2479 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Adrienne Brown-Dunn  503-865-2864 
Revenue & Tax Specialist III  Veronica Avila-Serna 503-865-2863
Revenue & Tax Specialist III  Annie Lundgren  503-865-2858 
Revenue & Tax Specialist III Lauren Ricciotti 503-865-2859
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Robin Lockwood  503-865-2478 
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Dolores Whitney  503-865-2451 
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Unregistered Compliance Team    
Program Coordinator Allen Buller 503-865-2475 
Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  JoAnne Leigh  503-865-2452 
Revenue & Tax Specialist III Karla Frahler 503-865-2865
Revenue & Tax Specialist III  Kathy Goss 503-865-2453
Revenue & Tax Specialist III  Sarah Meadows 503-865-2496
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Transient Lodging Tax (occupancy taxes)
Property Management License Program (Enhanced Services Districts

Revenue & Tax Specialist V  Stephen Bouffard  503-865-2857 
Training & Development   
Training & Development Coordinator  Carrie Lathers 503-865-2468 
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Front Desk/Mail Room  
Administrative Supervisor II  Barbra Rice  503-865-2480 
Revenue & Tax Specialist II Suzanne Browne 503-865-2458
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Jamari Carter 503-865-2465
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Rachel Cleveland 503-865-2455
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Josh Gregor 503-865-2495
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Yeni Nguyen 503-865-2498
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Craig Plasse 503-865-2463
Revenue & Tax Specialist II  Kimberly Young 503-865-2852
Revenue & Tax Specialist I  Bobbi Affolter  503-823-9737 
Revenue & Tax Specialist I  Patricia Sanders 503-823-1591 
Revenue & Tax Specialist I  Tricia Young  503-823-2872 
MCBIT Coordinator
Multnomah County Personal Income Tax
Betty Hopkins 503-823-5148 
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Regulatory Division   
Regulatory Division Manager  Kathleen Butler 503-865-2486
Private for Hire Transportation   
Regulatory Program Administrator  Frank Dufay  503-865-2487 
Regulatory Program Specialist  Patrick Kramer  503-865-2484 
Towing and Private Property Impounds   
Towing Coordinator Marian Gaylord 503-865-2489
Second-Hand Dealers, Amusement Devices, Social Games, & Pay & Park   
Regulatory Program Administrator  Anne Holm  503-865-2488 
Special Events & Payday Lenders   
Program Coordinator  Allison Madsen  503-865-2482 
Regulatory Specialists   
Regulatory Program Specialist  Erich England 503-865-2498
Regulatory Program Specialist  Jenny Farres  503-865-2464 
Regulatory Program Specialist  Marlene Holiday 503-865-2497
Regulatory Program Specialist  Christy Keller 503-865-2483
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Business Solutions Division
Business Solutions Division Manager  Julie Shervey  503-823-4973 
Senior Business Systems Analyst Kirsten Klym 503-823-6977 
Senior Business Systems Analyst  Joe Williams 503-823-5196 
Business Systems Analyst  Robyn Deeb  503-823-6168 
Business Systems Analyst  Pam Torres 503-823-2830 
Business Systems Analyst  Karen Wood 503-823-2693 
Assistant Business Systems Analyst  Karen Bradley-Jones 503-823-2681 
Assistant Business Systems Analyst  Leigh Wheeler 503-823-2175 
Applications Analyst IV  Timothy Townsend-Gant 503-823-1076 
Applications Analyst III  Jeff Amidon  503-823-1525 
Applications Analyst III  Daphea Morrison 503-823-7514
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Office for Community Technology
Office for Community Technology Manager Mary Beth Henry 503-823-5414
Program Coordinator Hillary Dobson 503-823-5413
Office Support Specialist Sally Seeger 503-823-2005
Cable Communications Program - Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (MHCRC)
Program Manager Julie S. Omelchuck 503-823-4188
Program Coordinator Rebecca Gibbons 503-823-5515
Compliance Assistant Joshua Eddings 503-823-3659
Utility Franchise/Utility License Management Program
Program Manager Jennifer Li 503-823-5359
Program Specialist Melvin Riddick 503-823-0066
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