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Office of Management & Finance

Revenue Bureau

Phone: 503-823-5157

Arts Tax: 503-865-4278

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201

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TY 2012 Specifications, Version 5 Released 8/16/2012

TY 2012 2D Barcoding Specifications Updated

The Revenue Bureau posted updated TY 2012 2D Barcoding Specifications (Version 5) on 8/16/2012. Please integrate these changes into the forms.

Changes include:

  • Removed fieldsize tab to reduce confusion. Use Max Field Size column for individual forms
  • C2012: Changed SharOrPartNum BlanksAllowed to "No (use 0)"
  • SP2012: Changed RentalIncomeOrLoss BlanksAllowed to "No (use 0)"
  • SP2012: Changed Owners BlanksAllowed to "No (use 1)"
  • SP2012: Changed Owners MaxFieldSize to 1
  • SP2012: Changed Owners AllowableCharacters to "1, 2"
  • Allow dates with or without delimiter (mm/dd/yyyy or mmddyyyy)
  • Allow taxID numbers with or without hyphens
  • Replaced "Sample" column with "Valid Values" column
  • Used "Valid Values" column to indicate where positive or positive/negative values are expected in the barcode

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