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Sustainability at Work

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logoecoShuttle is a locally-owned family business providing charter, event, and route transportation for the local community and travelers. Bio-diesel buses transport larger groups, while the all-electric Nissan Leaf is used for airport transfers, VIP transportation, and trips for couples. Every service is customized to meet customers’ needs and expectations without making a negative impact on the environment.


Silver Certification

  • Buses are powered by 100% biodiesel made in Oregon from waste grease and non-food crops.
  • Electric vehicle is used for employee transportation to and from offsite work locations and to pick up office supplies.
  • Staff members participate in community volunteering at least once per year.
  • Office and lot lighting is used minimally and only at night time when staff is on site.
  • Light occupancy sensors are installed in common areas without natural lighting.
  • Renewable energy is purchased for at least 50% of energy use.

ecoShuttle wedding transportation


ecoShuttle electric car