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3 ways to trim your waste in 2016

Set some waste-trimming goals for your workplace! Here are a few great places to start:

1. Lose the water weight.

Bottled water vs tap water

Does your workplace provide bottled water or use a water delivery service? Switch to tap water and you’ll be doing the environment, and your bottom line, a favor.

Don’t like the taste of your tap water? Installing a filter on your tap is a good alternative to having water trucked in.

2. Trim down paper towel use.

Cut down on paper towels

Many workplace trash cans are filled with paper towels, especially in the rest room and break room. Paper towels can’t be recycled or composted, and even if they could, using less would still be best for the environment and for cost savings.

Replacing paper towels with high-efficiency hand dryers is another great option. Learn why and how to make the switch.

3. Drop those disposables.

Ditch disposables

Disposable coffee cups, take-out boxes and plastic cutlery are like junk food – they’re quick and easy, but not that great for you (or the environment).

Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to cut down on disposable items. Use re-usable water bottles and coffee mugs, and take as little to-go packaging as possible when eating out.

At work, you can do even more:

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